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How to Plan a Trip to Italy
on Your Own

Italy Travel Planning Guides and Tips

Why You Should Travel to Italy

Do you want to travel to a country filled with incredible views, delicious pasta, the best wines, friendly faces, and charming streets? Well, look no further, because Italy is the place for you! From packing lists to itineraries, Alpacka My Bags has it all in one spot for you. We're here to show you how to plan a trip to Italy on your own! Trust us, you won't regret booking that plane ticket to Italy.

Before you visit Italy...

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Top Italy Destinations

If you know where you're heading in Italy, or where you want to go, then take a look at our location-specific blogs! Below are detailed travel guides on Rome itineraries, Florence hotel recommendations, and more. Alpacka My Bags is here to teach you how to plan a trip to Italy on your own, so read on and reach out to us if you have any questions!

Planning the Perfect Trip to Italy

Not sure where to start? Browse through our Italy travel guides and tips to get inspiration for your trip! We fell in love with Italy and want to ensure you get the chance to. So start browsing, buy that plane ticket, and look below for more specific Italy travel planning guidance! We're here to help so don't hesitate to reach out with questions. Start browsing and learn how to plan a trip to Italy on your own!

How to Plan a Trip to
Italy on your own

If you plan on booking your own trip to Italy, you can custom tailor your itinerary to fit in the specific places you want to visit. Find the hotels or other accommodations that perfectly suit your travel style.

Create a flexible plan so if you love an area, you can stay longer than you planned. There are many benefits to planning your own trip to Italy, but where do you start?

1 | Pick a Date

The best place to start is picking when to go. Maybe you have a certain week off of work, or maybe there is a specific season you want to visit Italy in.

2 | Pick a Destination

Pick one destination so you can book flights. This might be the only city you want to visit, or maybe it's just your starting point. A great pick is Rome as it's the capital.

3 | Book your Flights

Time to book your flights. I recommend this be the first thing you book so you know exaclty when you'll be in Italy. Shop around for cheap flights using our resources.

4 | Create an Itinerary

This doesn't have to be extremly detailed, but you want to make the most of your time in Italy. You can travel to multiple cities when visiting Italy for a week. Knowing where you want to go will help you book accommodation.

5 | Book Stays

Hotels and Airbnbs book quickly in Italy, it's a popular travel destination! Booking accommodation in advance will allow you to find the best deals and the places that check all of your travel needs.

6 | Pack & Prepare!

Your Italy adventure is nearing! Grab your bags and start packing. Make sure you have your passport (and it's not expiring soon!). Remember to learn some basic Italian phrases, expect different customs, and have fun. Your Italian trip awaits! 

When do you want to go to Italy?

As you begin to plan your trip to Italy, think about when you want to visit. Maybe you have dates already scheduled, but if you don't, what season do you want to visit during and what weather do you want to travel in?

Summer in Italy is relatively hot, often reaching 80 to 90°F in June, July, and August. However, there is little rain this time of year. The south is generally warmer than the north as well. If you want to enjoy the beaches of the Amalfi Coast or hike in the Dolomites, then summer is a great time to visit Italy.

Fall is much cooler bringing some of the best weather in Italy. Nights can get chilly, but it rarely gets below 50°F. However, there is a higher chance of rain in the fall in Italy, especially in November. 

Winter gets quite cold, bringing more rain and even snow in some areas. This does result in it being the cheapest time to go. Keep in mind that Sicily stays relatively warm so it can get busy in the winter.

When spring comes along, the temperatures rise to the 50s and 60s, and everything begins to grow again. There is still a higher chance of rain, but generally, crowds are small and prices are still low in the spring here.


How long can you stay/should you stay?

You are allowed to stay in Italy for up to 90 days without a visa if you are a U.S. citizen. While a three-month trip around this breathtaking country would be a dream adventure, it's likely not practical.

The longer you can stay in Italy the better as there are so many cities and towns to explore. However, 7 to 10 days in Italy is a great amount of time to stay. It's easy to travel around, so you can visit multiple cities in one trip if you wish.

You can stick to one city and see the most you possibly can in a week, or visit up to three cities with 10 days in Italy. Utilize the trains to travel around easily and conveniently and still be able to see more of Italy. 


What do you want to do in Italy?

When you begin planning your trip to Italy, think about certain activities you want to enjoy while here. Maybe you know you want to visit the best beaches or partake in a pasta cooking class. The options are endless, but if there's a certain activity you want to do in Italy, it can help you narrow down where to go.

Say you want to go hiking, some of the best places to do so are the Dolomites up north or along the coast of Cinque Terre. Or maybe you want to learn about as much history as you can while experiencing it in person; head to Rome or Florence for ruins, famous monuments, and incredible museums. 


Where do you want to go?

You can't go wrong when choosing where to visit in Italy. Each city and small town has its own charm; there are views to admire, plenty of foods to try, history to experience, and locals to learn from.

Some of the best places to visit in Italy are cities like Rome, Pisa, and Florence, or stunning coastal regions like Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast, and Sicily. These places are popular for good reason and are great choices for those visiting Italy for the first time.


Budgeting For a Trip to Italy

Italy isn't the cheapest country you can travel to, but it doesn't have to cost a fortune for you to visit. A good rule of thumb is to budget around $85 per person per day. You can easily spend more than this if you wish to plan a luxury vacation, but you can also save money in multiple ways.

When looking for accommodation, sometimes Airbnb is much cheaper than hotels in Italy. Another option is to look for hostels; many of them have private rooms that still cost less than a hotel. 

Save money on food by cooking some of your own meals. If you have a kitchen in your accommodation, you can buy some basic groceries to save money on dining. It's easy to rack up quite a food bill if you eat out for every meal in Italy.

Using public transportation and skipping a car rental will also save you money. The trains in Italy are very reliable and easy to use, and they cost much less than a rental car will. Your budget will also depend on the activities you want to do.

If you're looking to visit many museums, participate in a cooking class, enjoy a food tour, or even mountain bike on Mt Etna in Sicily, your activity budget will significantly increase. To save money in this area, you can pick one or two things you really want to do in each city and enjoy free sights and activities the rest of the time. 


How to Get Around Italy

One option for getting around Italy is by renting a car, but the good news is you don't need to. You can easily travel around Italy by train to save money, avoid the stress of driving, and still be able to visit multiple places. 

Before you visit Italy, take a look at my complete guide to traveling by train in Italy so you can make the most of your time in this amazing, must-visit European country!

View of Colorful Houses in Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy
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