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Hi, we're Georgina and Nathan, college friends turned travel partners. We're coffee and animal-loving adventure enthusiasts here to share our favorite travel tips with you! Our goal is to inspire others to get out and explore this wild planet by camping, hiking, or wandering around a fun new city!

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10 MUST Have Items for Camping with Dogs

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Camping and Hiking Gear Essentials for Camping with Dogs

camping with dogs - what do you need to go camping with dogs

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Going camping? Why not bring along your furry best friend? If you have an active dog who you know can keep up with you on the trails, bring them along! Our dog, JoJo, absolutely loves camping and hiking. In fact, she tries to climb the ladder up to the rooftop tent because she loves it so much. You never know, camping might be your dog's new favorite activity, and the following items will make your next camping trip a blast for everyone.

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Make sure your campsite is dog friendly! Don't forget to check the pet rules of your campsite. You don't want to arrive at your campsite and realize you can't bring your best friend on any of the trails. With these dog-friendly camping essentials, your next adventure will be a blast for everyone! Now onto the necessities for camping with dogs!

What to Bring Camping with Dogs

tips for camping with dogs

1. Collapsible Bowls

These store really easily and are super light, making them easy to carry anywhere. My partner and I often throw one in our day bag when hiking and use our water to fill it for our dog, JoJo. We also use one of these as her food bowl while on the go.

2. Baby Wipes

We keep a supply of baby wipes on hand for ourselves, but mostly for JoJo. Her little paws get dirty from hiking and walking around camp. I won’t let her go into our tent until we have wiped her down. If she gets muddy or dusty, it’s so much easier to use wipes rather than trying to wash her with soap and water while on the go.

3. Sweater

Some dogs will obviously never need a sweater, but even though JoJo isn’t tiny or really short-haired, we still bring a sweater for her. If you are going camping in the U.S. anytime between August and May, I recommend throwing one of these into your dog’s supply stash. It might be perfect weather during the day, but be prepared for very chilly nights and early mornings. If you have a smaller dog, grab some cheap baby socks for them too!

tips for camping with dogs

4. Extra Long Leash

We bring along your typical dog leash with us for hiking, driving pitstops, etc., but we also bring a 50-foot leash with us. We use it to create a “zip line” for our dog. If your campsite has trees around, tie one end of the leash around one tree and pull it tight. Slip the end of it through the handle of a normal leash, and tie the other end of the extra-long leash around another tree. We aim for about 15 between the two trees. This allows your dog to have more space to roam without worrying about them wandering into neighboring campsites. We sometimes just attach our dog to the extra-long leash and tie it around our tow hitch. This allows us to change the length of the leash, which is perfect for various-sized campsites.

5. Harness

If you’re a hiker and your pup goes with you, I highly recommend getting them a nice harness. Our dog, JoJo, loves hiking, but she will also try and chase any little thing that moves along the trail. She has slipped out of her collar one too many times, so we always put her harness on when hiking. We also put it on her while driving; it’s much safer for them if their seatbelt is clipped to a harness rather than a collar.

what to bring camping with dogs

6. Seatbelt

We have this seatbelt for our JoJo, which we have loved. It keeps her from climbing her way to the front seat, and it’s also a safety precaution. If we humans wear seatbelts, why shouldn’t our furry friends? Some dogs get extremely anxious or excited in the car, and there is a possibility of them trying to escape (like through an open window) or jumping onto your lap, which could, in turn, cause an accident. Just grab this easy-to-use dog seatbelt, and everyone is safer.

7. Bed or Blanket

Our dog, JoJo, gets pretty anxious in the car, and we’ve found that putting her bed on the back seat helps calm her a bit. I believe it’s the familiarity that makes her feel more comfortable. We do tend to spoil her, but it’s also more comfortable for her to lie on her bed than just the seat (she’s definitely a spoiled brat sometimes). We bring an extra blanket with a heavy-duty fabric bottom that we put on the ground for her to lie on when it’s cold outside.

8. Dog Water Bottle

Along with the collapsible bowls, we have a doggie water bottle. We keep it filled up and next to JoJo’s seat in the car so she can have a drink during pit stops. We sometimes bring this hiking with us too, but it’s nice to have for the campsite and for long drives.

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9. Treats

Don’t forget to pack a hiking snack for your dogs too! If you’re working up a sweat on that trail, chances are your pup is burning lots of energy too. Take a look at these high-calorie, high-protein dog treats; they’re a tasty, rewarding treat and also provide necessary nutrients for your dog after or during a long hike.

10. Sleeping Bag or Blanket

Make sure your dogs and other furry friends stay warm when camping on chilly nights! We have an extra down blanket specifically for JoJo that we wrap her in when the temps drop in the evening. She absolutely loves it, and it keeps her nice and cozy. There are also some awesome doggie sleeping bags out there that are affordable and will definitely keep your dog warm.

camping with dogs, dog friendly camping in northeast texas

Now you can easily enjoy your future camping adventures with your dogs by your side! I hope these items make all of your travels a blast for everyone, furry friends included. Check out our other camping gear recommendations if you're planning a rooftop tent camping adventure!

Are you planning a camping adventure with your dogs? Let us know where you're planning on going in the comments below!

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