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Hi, I'm Georgina! A coffee-loving adventure enthusiast here to share my favorite travel tips with you! My goal is to inspire others to get out and explore this wild planet by camping, hiking, or wandering around a fun new city!

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13 Best Local Coffee Shops in Chicago

Updated: Feb 7

Best Coffee Shops in Chicago - Alpacka My Bags

Are you looking for great coffee in Chicago? You've come to the right place! Chicago boasts a fantastic coffee scene with many cozy spots to choose from.

Coffee and tea lovers, this city was made with you in mind. Stop by one of the best coffee shops in Chicago for a killer caffeine recharge.

While there's a Starbucks on every corner in Chicago, the Windy City boasts an incredible array of locally-owned coffee shops. Several even roast their own beans, either in-house or locally in Chicago.

Before you crash from a lack of caffeine, let's dive into the best cafes in Chicago so you can start planning your cozy coffee breaks!

If you need help preparing for a trip to this fantastic city, you should also check out our Chicago travel guide so you can make the most of your time here.

The Best Coffee Shops in Chicago

  1. Coffee Lab & Roasters

  2. The Avondale Coffee Club

  3. Caravanserai

  4. Hexe Coffee Co.

  5. Dollop

  6. Colectivo

  7. Sawada Coffee

  8. Kapej Coffee

  9. Two Hearted Queen

  10. HERO Coffee Bar

  11. Spoken Cafe

  12. Bourgeois Pig

  13. La Colombe

Caravanserai - Best Coffee Shops in Chicago - Alpacka My Bags
Iced Coffee Fiends Unite

1. Coffee Lab & Roasters

Looking for trendy, modern vibes? Head to Coffee Lab & Roasters. If you're a chai lover, this is a must-visit because their iced chai lattes are to die for.

They also have delicious pastries, coffee, and specialty drinks like a honey mango latte. If you have a sweet tooth, you should definitely grab a pastel de nata here!

In-House Roastery: Yes, by BCBC Coffee Roasters, an Illinois company

2. The Avondale Coffee Club by Reprise Coffee Roastery

The decor here at Avondale Coffee Club is my favorite, it's like you're enjoying a great cup of coffee while sitting in your insanely cooly and quirky aunt's living room.

You can work from a table, couch, or funky chair. And when the weather is nice, their patio is so cute you'll definitely want to enjoy it.

Locally Roasted Coffee: Yes, by Reprise Coffee Roastery

Avondale Coffee Club - Best Coffee Shops in Chicago
Avondale's Cozy Setup

3. Caravanserai by Dark Matter

If you're looking for more unique drinks, then you should definitely head to Caravanserai. The atmosphere is vibrant and cheerful, and the live plants really add a nice touch. Make sure you try at least one of their baked goods as they're locally sourced!

Locally Roasted Coffee: Yes, by Dark Matter Coffee

4. Hexe Coffee Co.

With spooky vibes, unique baked goods, and a great atmosphere for remote working, Hexe Coffee Co. is another one of the best coffee shops in Chicago. Along with delicious coffees and fun baked goods like their spooky cakes, you can find breakfast sandwiches here.

Locally Roasted Coffee: Yes, by Hexe Coffee Co.

5. Dollop

Stop for a pick-me-up coffee and a bite to eat at Dollop. They offer unique coffee and tea specialties along with a sandwich and pastry selection. This is a Chicago chain so there are several locations around the city making it very accessible.

Dollop is a great choice of a coffee shop for a unique drink and filling snack, and a nice place to get some remote work done with their generous seating areas.

Locally Roasted Coffee: Yes, by Dollop Coffee Co.

Best Coffee Shops in Chicago
Any matcha fans here? Dollop has that too!

6. Colectivo

Enjoy a nice latte, tea, or smoothie and a healthy meal at Colectivo. This is a beloved Midwest company with cafes and roasteries in Illinois and Wisconsin. The drinks at Colectivo are delicious and there are lots of non-coffee options as well.

The food menu is also fantastic with delicious vegetarian options, so you can get a full breakfast or lunch with your coffee.

Coffee Roasted: By Colectivo in Milwaukee, WI

Best Coffee Shops in Chicago - Colectivo
Coffee, coffee decor, coffee scents...

7. Sawada Coffee

A chill, hip spot to grab a delicious latte. Rumor has it, Sawada Coffee has the best matcha latte in Chicago! This is a great place to have a midday break and regroup, chat to friends, and enjoy great coffee. The vibe is rustic-chic with fun decor and even ping-pong!

Locally Roasted Coffee: Yes, by Metropolis Coffee Company in Chicago

8. Kapej Coffee

Enjoy a great drink from this fantastic owner-run and operated cafe. Kapej Coffee offers a homey vibe to relax and enjoy coffee. They have many different latte flavors, and iced coffees to choose from.

They also have killer breakfast sandwiches. If you want a great drink in a place that treats its customers like family, look no further than Kapej Coffee!

Locally Roasted Coffee: Yes, by Kapej Coffee

Best Cafes in Chicago - Kapej Coffee Shop
Latte Art for Days at the Best Coffee Shops in Chicago

9. Two Hearted Queen

With great service, delicious drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere, Two Hearted Queen is much more exciting than your average St*rbucks. Along with great coffee, this is a wonderful coffee shop to work at with free wi-fi.

Everyone is respectful of others working, so it's not a very noisy place. They also have good vegetarian food options!

Locally Roasted Coffee: Yes, by Two-Hearted Queen

10. HERO Coffee Bar

With three locations in the city, HERO is a locally loved Chicago coffee shop. If you're exploring downtown head to the Jackson Blvd. location; this is a cute, tiny hideaway spot with outdoor seating which is perfect if you're visiting Chicago in summer.

This location is also within walking distance of many famous Chicago attractions, like the Art Institute of Chicago and Cloud Gate (famously known as the Bean).

Locally Roasted Coffee: Yes, by HERO Coffee

Best Cafes in Chicago - HERO Coffee Bar
Coffee then "The Bean," please.

11. Spoken Cafe

Located on the quiet streets of Ravenswood, this is the perfect place to chat with friends or work on that remote to-do list. Spoken Cafe offers a nice place to take a break with a warm atmosphere.

This coffee shop also offers breakfast and lunch making it a great place to grab lunch or have a midday break. Their bagels are amazing, and they have some really cool merch to buy as well!

Locally Roasted Coffee: No, various ethical coffee suppliers

12. Bourgeois Pig Cafe

This is a Lincoln Park favorite cafe! With sandwiches upon sandwiches to choose from, you’re bound to find a nice, light breakfast or lunch meal for yourself!

Pair it with a coffee or fresh smoothie. This is a well-known place to work, so if you're in need of a co-working space, look no further than Bourgeois Pig Cafe!

Locally Roasted Coffee: No, roasted by Julius Meinl Coffee

Best Coffee Shops in Chicago - Bourgeois Pig Cafe
Best Coffee Shops in Chicago - Bourgeois Pig Cafe

13. La Colombe

With 5 locations in Chicago, you have to stop by this coffee shop while exploring the city. La Colombe coffee is so delicious, and you can even get draft coffee!

I highly recommend trying an oat milk draft latte. While this is a chain, it's only found in a handful of cities around the US and they really strive for equity and sustainability.

Locally Roasted Coffee: No, roasted by La Colombe in the US

La Colombe - Best Coffee Shops in Chicago
La Colombe - One of Chicago's Best Coffee Shops

Best Coffee Shops in Chicago FAQ

Does Chicago have good coffee?

Yes! Chicago has amazing coffee. There are many different coffee shops to choose from with varying menus, atmospheres, and coffee roaster suppliers. Several of the best coffee shops in Chicago roast their own coffee. These include:

  • Reprise Coffee Roasters

  • Dark Matter Coffee

  • Hexe Coffee Co.

  • Kapej Coffee

  • Colectivo

  • HERO Coffee Bar

  • Two Hearted Queen

Best Coffee Shops in Chicago to Study / Work

Many of Chicago's coffee shops provide a nice working environment. Whether you're working on a midterm paper or finalizing the details of a work project, the best coffee shops in Chicago to study or work are:

  • Coffee Lab & Roasters

  • The Avondale Coffee Club

  • Caravanserai

  • Hexe Coffee Co.

  • Dollop

  • Colectivo

  • Sawada Coffee

  • Kapej Coffee

  • Two Hearted Queen

  • HERO Coffee Bar

  • Spoken Cafe

  • Bourgeois Pig

  • La Colombe

Best Chai Latte in Chicago, IL

There are many amazing coffee roasters and cafes in Chicago, so where can you find the best chai latte in the city? After three years of living here and trying many (many, many) chai lattes, I can confidently share my favorites so you can enjoy one too.

Find the best chai lattes in Chicago at these local coffee shops:

  • Two Hearted Queen

  • Coffee Lab & Roasters

  • Hexe Coffee Co.

Two Lattes and a Pastry - Best Coffee Shops in Chicago

Enjoy your time in the Windy City and recharge at one or multiple of the best coffee shops in Chicago! The coffee here is some of the best, and the cafes themselves are some of the best places to work.

If you haven't been to Chicago yet, you definitely need to visit and enjoy a delicious coffee while in town! There is such a great coffee scene in Chicago, this is a must-visit US city for coffee and tea lovers. Head to our Chicago travel planner and start booking this city getaway.

If you're a fellow travel and coffee addict, check out these cities that also boast incredible coffee shops!

Have a great time exploring Chicago and reach out with any questions about visiting this awesome city. And most importantly enjoy all the awesome coffee options at the best coffee shops in Chicago!

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Hi, I'm Georgina, adventure enthusiast and creator of Alpacka My Bags. I'm here for all of your travel and adventure planning needs! 


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