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Hi, I'm Georgina! A coffee-loving adventure enthusiast here to share my favorite travel tips with you! My goal is to inspire others to get out and explore this wild planet by camping, hiking, or wandering around a fun new city!

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The Best Mountain Biking Tour on Mt. Etna for Beginners

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Best Mountain Biking Tour on Mt. Etna - Alpacka My Bags

If you’re planning a trip to Sicily, you have to take the time to visit Mt. Etna! This active volcano is a sight to see, and hear for that matter.

While you can hike up Mt. Etna, take a cable car up to the top, and even ski on it in the winter, you might be wondering, can you cycle up Mt. Etna? The answer is yes, and it is an incredible experience!

There are several tours you can book, but I found and experienced the best. Here's a thorough review! You can book the best mountain biking tour on Mt. Etna below.

Most visitors start their journey to Mt. Etna from Catania, a coastal city located below the volcano. Check out my detailed guide on how to get from Catania to Mt. Etna. Take a look before you take off on your volcano adventure!

Best Mountain Biking Tour on Mt. Etna, Sicily

While there are other ways to admire the beauty of Mt. Etna, mountain biking is the best in my opinion. If you love a little thrill, great views, and local recommendations when traveling, then this Etna excursion is definitely for you! Discover Etna by Mountain Bike - details and booking below!

Discover Etna by Mountain Bike

You'll get to bike on designated trails, stop for photos, see a lava vent and crater, and go inside the backpacking hut pictured below. Your guide will teach you the basics of mountain biking, give you personal recommendations, and help make this tour an unforgettable experience.

About This Mountain Biking Tour

This Airbnb experience is hosted by husband-wife duo, Rossella and Alessandro, who often go mountain biking with their two kids. This is a great tour even if you have kids traveling with you, as they can sit on the back of your bike with their own seat.

Just make sure you tell the hosts in advance that you have kids (if they are under 7 years they must share a bike with you). You can also opt for an e-bike (we did and highly recommend it for beginners) if you want to have fun but not absolutely wear your legs out.

Your booking will include the following:

  • Bikes or E-bikes

  • Helmet and gloves

  • Handlebar Bag

  • Transportation

Difficulty Levels

I am a beginner mountain bikers, but I found this tour very manageable. Alessandro was patient and kind enough to teach us some mountain biking basics so our time on Etna would be more enjoyable, and it turned out to be a blast! You can also choose from 4 different routes, ranging in difficulty and length.

If you are a seasoned mountain biker, your tour will be adapted to your needs and desires. The hosts are very experienced mountain bikers who know Etna very well, so if you want to go faster or on harder terrain, they will find the right trail for you. The personalized experience definitely makes this the best mountain biking tour on Mt. Etna.

Tour Length

This tour is about 5 hours in length, slightly varying depending on the route you bike. If you are picked up from the bus stop in Mascalucia, a small town between Etna and Catania. (which is included in the booking price) you will be driven up to the base of Etna, which takes about 20 minutes.

You can choose the time slot that best fits your schedule, and the hosts speak English, Italian, and French to accommodate many guests! During our tour, we also got to hike up a crater and down into a volcano vent! These are extras the hosts throw in which make the tour longer, and even more fun.

Private or Group Tour

The groups range from 2 to 10 people, but chances are you will be with a small group. When we booked this tour, we ended up being the only two people which was fantastic as it was our first mountain biking experience.

You can also book a private tour for up to 10 people if you would like to only be with your party. It costs about $85 per person, but prices change depending on the season (high tourist season is generally more expensive). Overall, this is a great Etna Mountain Biking experience if you’re looking for something a little more laid back and want to enjoy all the views with no rush!

Local Recommendations

Another reason I loved this mountain biking Mt. Etna tour was because of the hosts. We only had Alessandro with us, but he made us feel very welcome. Not only did he basically teach us how to stay on a mountain bike in tougher terrain, but he also took the time to give us local restaurant recommendations, and even recipes for some traditional Sicilian favorites!

I loved that this tour was very personalized. It made it so much more enjoyable, as we were both nervous about mountain biking on a volcano for the first time! We felt truly cared for, and that our safety and enjoyment were top priorities. Just a few more reasons this is the best mountain biking tour on Mt. Etna.

Tips for Your Mountain Biking Tour on Mt. Etna

My tips for you to make the most of this tour include:

Wear Athletic Clothing

Wear your most active or athletic clothing. You want to be able to move around easily as this is a very active excursion. You must wear tennis shoes. You do not want to wear any kind of open-toed shoes as there is sharp lava all over, it's a volcano after all.

If you are mountain biking in summer, wear shorts and a short-sleeve shirt as it still gets warm high up Etna in the summer. If you are visiting during colder weather bring lots of layers! Start with a shirt, add a jacket, and top off with a coat.

It will be colder the higher up Etna you go, but after biking you may start to warm up so having layers you can take on and off will be the best idea. You are provided with gloves and a helmet, and we highly recommend bringing sunglasses!

  • Athletic clothing

  • Leggings or shorts

  • Layers

  • Tennis shoes

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

Stay Hydrated

Make sure you bring a water bottle with you. Your bike might have a water bottle holder, and you're also given a handlebar bag that will fit a small bottle and your phone. This is a physically demanding activity so keep yourself hydrated, especially during summer!

Bring a Camera

We brought our phones with us so we could take pictures along the way. Alessandro was happy to stop whenever we wanted to so we could truly admire Etna's breathtaking beauty.

Plus, it's fun to snap photos of your group for memories! We also brought a small backpack to throw out stuff in. It came in handy for storing our light jackets, large water bottle, and a snack each (for after the ride).

Why This Mountain Biking Tour is Great for Beginners

I highly recommend this mountain biking tour on Mt Etna for beginners. The host will teach you the basics of mountain biking; even if it's your first time, you'll get the chance to learn and get comfortable.

You should have the confidence to hop on a mountain bike as well as general biking skills. But you don't need to be an advanced mountain biker by any means to enjoy this tour.

Another reason this is the best mountain biking tour on Mt Etna for beginners is the small group sizes. The largest group size possible is 10, but it's likley you and your party will be the only ones participating. This means you'll get more 1 on 1 time with the host to learn about mountain biking.

Adventure Travel in Sicily: Mountain Biking on Mt Etna

Mountain biking in Sicily is not something you want to miss out on. This specific Etna tour was such an incredible experience, we want to share it with others, so they too can enjoy the natural beauty of Sicily by mountain bike! This was our first mountain biking experience, and it got us hooked.

If you are a beginner or if you’re a seasoned biker, this is a great option for you. It is a very personalized tour as the hosts want to make it the most enjoyable for their guests while keeping everyone safe. Take a look at the highlights of “Discover Etna by Mountain Bike Tour.”

  • Great for families with kids

  • Beginner to advanced levels available

  • Private/small groups for a great experience

  • E-Bikes are available upon request

  • Local recommendations and welcoming hosts

  • The best way to admire Etna

I hope you enjoy Etna as much as we did. Sicily is an incredible region of Italy, and seeing its famous volcano, Etna by bike is a dream experience. This is a fun adventure for those who enjoy a little thrill.

Book the best mountain biking tour on Mt. Etna today. Remember, even if you’ve never been mountain biking before, you’ll be golden! Don't forget to wear athletic clothes and layers, bring a positive attitude, stop for photos, and have fun.

Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones is important in this crazy life. Are you going to be enjoying the best mountain biking tour on Mt. Etna? If you’ve been or if you book this tour, tell us how it went below in the comments. Let’s talk about all things mountain biking in Sicily!

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