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Hi, we're Georgina and Nathan, college friends turned travel partners. We're coffee and animal-loving adventure enthusiasts here to share our favorite travel tips with you! Our goal is to inspire others to get out and explore this wild planet by camping, hiking, or wandering around a fun new city!

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14 Amazing Gifts for Travelers That Are Actually Useful

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Travel Must Haves That Your Travel-Savvy Friend Will Love

14 Amazing Gifts for Travelers - Alpacka My Bags

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Maybe you want to help spark the travel bug in someone, or maybe your friend is already a travel addict. From international nomads to van lifers to weekend warriors; these 14 gifts for travelers are perfect for any type of adventurer!

With holiday gift-giving, birthdays, and more, figuring out what to give someone can sometimes be challenging. So we’ve taken the stress out of gift-giving, and narrowed down the list to the following useful essential travel items!

Gifts for Travelers

1. Soundcore Headphones

Between travel days, remote work, free time, and commutes, a pair of headphones is something every traveler wants to have with them! Grab a pair of these wireless headphones, or wireless earbuds, for your travel-loving friend. I promise they will be thrilled.

travel must haves

2. Packing Cubes

Often the most stressful part about traveling is packing. You can organize all your belongings, and then somehow it just ends up in a chaotic jumble. Help keep your disorganized travel-savvy friend organized with packing cubes! It’s so nice to have a specific bag for different things, like one for shirts, bottoms, etc. Packing cubes are a game changer!

gifts for travelers

3. Hydroflask Water Bottle

Whether you’re exploring Tokyo, hiking in Oregon, or kayaking in the Philippines, it’s important to always have water on hand. Gifting your travel friend a high-quality reusable water bottle will make them incredibly happy. They don’t want to keep buying plastic bottles or not have any water with them!

gifts for travelers

4. Charger and Adapter

Everyone wants to take pictures when they’re traveling! It might be for memories, for the gram, or for the fam; whatever the case, a charger and adapter will be necessary to keep that phone charged! Grab a nice wireless charger and a universal adapter for your next gift-giving.

travel must haves

5. Portable Charger

A charger and adapter will come in handy at hotels, Airbnbs, etc, but while you’re on the go, a portable charger will be very useful! Your travel friend will be able to charge their electronics while on the train, wandering around a new city, and more. Help them keep their electronics charged while traveling!

gifts for travelers

6. Toiletry Case

This is another organizing game changer. Having a toiletry bag will make anyone’s life easier while on the move. You can store all your toiletries in one place, making it easier to carry everything to the bathroom when you’re moving from place to place. Plus, it’s another layer of protection for your clothes in case something like shampoo leaks in your bag!

gifts for travelers

7. Passport Holder

Okay, this is a fun one because there are so many cool patterns and designs available. But passport holders are also useful! Especially with some countries still requiring a covid vaccine card, it’s nice to have all of your required documents in one place.

gifts for travelers

8. Day Bag

The chance that your traveling friend goes on day adventures is very high! Every traveler will find a day bag useful, whether it’s for a hike or a trip to a nearby city, having a smaller bag to keep necessary items, like a water bottle (wink wink) and a jacket, will come in very handy.

travel must haves

9. Lounge Pants

Who doesn’t want to have a pair of insanely comfortable lounge pants! If you’ve ever been on a long flight or a long road trip, you’ll know that what you wear makes a huge difference. Gift your traveling friend a pair and they’ll love you forever. Plus, they double as pajamas!

travel must haves

10. Sunglasses and Case

So important, yet so easily forgotten. Sunglasses and a travel case are must-haves for every trip! It’s not fun to squint all day while adventuring and struggle to admire your surroundings. And these are useful at home as well!

travel must haves

11. Travel Towel

It might seem boring, but a travel towel will come in super handy as a gift for travelers. Available in so many colors and patterns, this item is useful for beaches, camping, hostels, and more! These travel towels are quick-drying and compact, perfect for life on the go!

gifts for travelers

12. Kindle

Along with listening to music and watching a show, reading a book is a great way to pass time while on a long flight. It’s also nice to have a book to read and chill out after busy days of adventuring. But lugging around physical books takes up space and adds a lot of weight. So a Kindle is perfect for reading while traveling!

gifts for travelers

13. Tile Tracker

Checking a suitcase can cause a lot of stress. There are so many stories of airlines losing bags, and travelers reaching their destination to find out that their belongings didn’t make it. To ease the mind of your traveling friend, gift them a Tile Tracker so they can throw it in their checked luggage and always know where their bag is!

gifts for travelers

14. Lightweight Rain Jacket

One thing most travelers have learned is that the weather is unpredictable, especially when you're on the move a lot. Having a reliable rain jacket to throw in a day bag will make any adventure more enjoyable if it happens to rain. Gift a quality rain jacket, and help your friend keep exploring no matter the weather!

travel must haves

Your travel-savvy friend will be so excited when they open their gift from you! These gifts for travelers are actually useful and will come in handy on any trip. You might want to buy some for yourself too, and get planning your next trip, wink wink.

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The next gift-giving party you attend will be a blast with any of these gifts for travelers. Maybe you’ve been bitten by the travel bug yourself, and you want to spark the light in a friend. Or maybe you know they’re already obsessed!

Gifts for Travelers

These are some of our must-have travel items, that any type of traveler will love to receive! They either make traveling less stressful or more fun. If you’re a travel fanatic, what is something you can’t travel without?

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