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The Ultimate Italy Packing List for Fall

Updated: Aug 8

What to Pack for Italy in Fall With a FREE Printable

Italy Packing List for Fall - Alpacka My Bags. view of florence italy from the top of the bell tower

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Are you planning an Italian getaway this fall? This is a great time to visit Italy as the weather has cooled off, but it’s not too chilly to spend all day exploring outside. And generally, tourism slows down this time of year, so there will be fewer people around.

Typically, the weather in Italy in the fall is between the 50s to 70s (°F). However, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for slightly cooler or hotter weather when traveling this time of year. And your location within Italy will also make a difference. I've visited Cinque Terre and Rome within a week of each other (northern and mid-Italy), and the temperature was vastly different in both places.

Layers make for the easiest way to deal with unpredictable weather. Wearing a short sleeve shirt, for example, but bringing a jacket in case it gets cold, is more convenient than wearing a sweater or long sleeve and roasting all day long because it's warmer than you thought it would be. But let’s throw that stress of packing out of the window; we’ve got it all figured out for you! Here is the ultimate Italy packing list for fall!

Italy Packing List for Fall

Want to snag the free printable Fall Italy Packing List? Subscribe below and it will be delivered right to your inbox along with other Italy travel tips. It’s for you to use and plan your trip to Italy! Keep reading for the important details of the ultimate Italy packing list.

Woman standing on Spanish Steps in Rome Italy - Fall Italy Packing List
Rome is still fairly warm in the fall

1. Jacket

As mentioned above, it’s a good idea to bring along a jacket to Italy in the fall as temps can reach the 50s. You don’t want to let the chill ruin your Italian adventures! There are so many sites to see no matter where you go in Italy, and chances are you’ll be walking outdoors a lot. So pack a jacket easy enough to carry with you or throw in your bag.

2. Long Pants

You’ll definitely want to bring long pants of some kind. Chances are, it will be too cold for any shorts or skirts in Italy in the fall, so long pants or capris are a great choice. I like to bring nicer pants to wear to dinner, etc., but I also bring a comfier pair of pants like joggers, especially for travel days.

3. Short Sleeve Shirts or Blouses

If you tend to run hot or know you’ll be traveling around southern Italy, then short sleeves are a great idea to pack. They also make for perfect layering. The sun is very toasty in Italy, so you might start your day comfortably and warm enough in a short sleeve shirt, but by dinner time you’ll be chillier. And that’s where your jacket that you packed comes in handy!

Woman walking through Boboli Gardens in Florence Italy - Italy Packing List for Fall
Short sleeves work well in the midday sun

4. Comfortable Shoes

Chances are, you will be covering lots of ground and walking a lot in Italy. There are so many historical monuments and tourist attractions to see in pretty much every city in Italy, and many are within walking distance of each other. So pack your most comfortable pair of walking shoes and get those legs ready for walking. My go-to travel shoes are Allbirds!

5. Sweater or Long Sleeve

If you run cold, then a long sleeve shirt, sweater, or cardigan is a good idea to pack as well. As soon as the sun goes down, you’ll immediately get chillier, so having a basic long sleeve shirt you can wear out for dinner or for waking up early to see the sunrise is a great idea. Which, by the way, you don’t want to miss out on an Italian sunrise.

6. Undergarments

These are obvious, but they get forgotten the most. Pack socks for all of your walking adventures and make sure your feet stay warm. You won’t need super thick or long socks unless you plan on visiting the Dolomites or somewhere else in northern Italy. Just don’t forget these necessities!

Woman standing on bridge with view of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome Italy - Fall Italy Packing List
A light jacket comes in handy

7. Pajamas

You also want to be comfortable when you’re sleeping, so you can rest and get ready for more walking and adventuring the next day! We recommend a pair of breathable pajamas. You most likely won’t need super thick winter pajamas in Italy in the fall, but be prepared for chillier nights. Every Airbnb we stayed in had heaters, so you should be able to warm up your place if necessary.

For Northern Italy & Naturally Cold People

If you’re planning on visiting northern Italy in the fall, you probably want to bring along the following items as well. It’s significantly colder than southern Italy, so if you have room in your bag, throw in a few extra layers so you can make the most of your time here and explore to the max without freezing.

Cinque Terre Coastal view from above Manarola - Italy Packing List for Fall
Cinque Terre is chillier in the fall than Rome

8. Beanie or Hat

Especially if you’re going to visit the mountains or the northern Italian coast, you’ll want to pack a beanie or two as well. The wind by the coast gets very nippy, but the coastal views are still incredible. So pack a beanie and hike along the coast for some dreamy views without freezing your bum off.

9. Scarf

If you’re basically cold-blooded like me, throw in a scarf for outdoor exploring. Nature in Italy is absolutely breathtaking, so don’t let the cold ruin it for you. Bring a scarf to throw around your neck or even your shoulders as another warm layer. I like this scarf because it doubles as an extra blanket on the plane.

10. Sweatshirt or Cardigan

Having another warm layer is a good idea if you plan on doing outdoor activities, such as hiking. Comfort is also important, so having a sweatshirt or thick cardigan to throw on in the chilly mornings and evenings is nice.

Woman leaning about fence admiring the multicolored buildings in Manarola Cinque Terre Italy _ Italy Packing List for Fall Alpacka My Bags
My sweatshirt came in handy during a morning walk through Cinque terre

Extras, Not to be Forgotten

These are items other than clothing that you do not want to forget to pack for Italy. From electronics to your passport, they’re obvious but so easy to forget to throw in your bag. So take this as your reminder!

11. Laptop

If this Italy trip is going to be a relaxing, work-free trip for you, then forget the laptop! Take this time to recharge and focus on la dolce vita that’s unavoidable in Italy. But if you’re a digital nomad or remote worker who plans on checking off some tasks while traveling in Italy, then definitely do not forget your laptop and all your necessary chargers!

If you don’t have an adapter for all of your electronics already, this universal adapter has been excellent and we bring it everywhere.

12. Kindle

Any other book lovers here? If you love reading and can’t go anywhere without a book, then grab a Kindle and download as many books as you would like! This Kindle is great because you can have so many books with you, yet they’re all on one small device that’s so much easier to pack and travel with. I love reading on plane rides, so having a Kindle in my carry-on is a lifesaver (at least it keeps us busy while on long journeys).

13. Passport

You won’t get very far on your trip to Italy if you forget your passport. So this is your friendly reminder: pack your passport! There’s no getting through security without a passport, which means no trip to Italy, which means lots of sadness. So pack your passport and watch your joy grow in Italy!

Passport Cover with Bon Voyage written on it - Italy Packing List
Don't forget your passport!

14. RFID Covers

Fraud and electronic theft are sadly everywhere these days. Be extra careful and pack some RFID Passport and Credit Card covers. They hardly take up any space or weight, they are tear resistant, and they provide an extra barrier against identity theft and fraud.

15. Day Bag

Having a small bag that you can easily carry around with you will come in handy. It’s very easy to spend all day out and about exploring while in Italy, so pack a day bag. My new favorite is this lightweight backpack that is still big enough to fit my laptop or camera in. This comes in handy for putting away that jacket you’re packing as well as all the cool souvenirs you’ll find throughout your travels.

Women walking through a cathedral in Italy. Italy Packing List for Fall
Don't forget a day bag

16. Meds and Toiletries

Any meds and toiletries need to be packed as well. Make your life easier and keep everything organized in this handy toiletry bag! Shampoo and conditioner are rare in Italian accommodations and there's a good chance there won’t be any in your Airbnb.

Pack some travel-size shampoo and conditioner, or stop by a local store and pick some up when you’ve arrived. You can generally buy small bottles of both from any supermarket.

Make sure you pack your meds and any OTC meds you might need. We always bring a bottle of ibuprofen with us as we both get headaches easily, and it’s easier to bring our own small bottle than trying to figure out what medicine you need in another language.

What Not to Wear in Italy in October

I don't recommend wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses in Italy in October. It gets quite chilly and these items will most likely just end up taking up space in your suitcase. You can wear short sleeve shirts or even blouses, but make sure you have a jacket or warmer layer to wear over them.

What should I pack for 2 weeks in Italy in November?

This is such a great time to visit Italy! If you're going for two weeks in November, or the end of fall, I recommend sticking to warmer items. You might want one or two short sleeve shirts, but other than that, think long sleeves, long pants, sweaters, etc.

Your packing cubes could hold something similar to the following for 2 weeks in Italy in November:

  • 3x long pants

  • 6x long sleeves or sweaters

  • 2x thick cardigan or sweatshirt

  • 1x jacket

  • 8x socks

  • 2x comfy walking shoes

Italy Packing List for Fall

We hope you now feel prepared to pack for your trip to Italy this fall! After spending a month in this wonderful country, we narrowed down the essentials and figured out what we didn’t need. So now you have access to the ultimate Italy packing list!

Don’t forget the non-clothing items as well; you don’t want to be traveling without these essentials. We hope you’re prepared for your vacation now, and you know exactly what to bring to Italy if you’re visiting in the fall! Download and print the FREE Italy Packing List for Fall below.

The Colosseum in Rome Italy during the middle of the day

Want more ideas for planning your Italy vacation? Check out our Cinque Terre Itinerary, and our favorite Hotels and Airbnbs in Rome! There's so much more to learn about that we've covered for you, and we're here to help you plan your dream trip to Italy!

We greatly appreciate your support so we can keep helping others travel and explore this wondrous world! And now for the fun stuff! How do you pass the time on long flights and train rides? Let us know in the comments!

Grab your FREE Fall Italy Packing List Printable below!

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