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Discover the Best Travel Guides and Adventure Recommendations

Not sure how to plan a trip? Let Alpacka My Bags help you plan the adventure of your dreams!

From US city trips to national park adventures, the Italian coast to the charm of Quebec, Canada, our travel guides are here to help

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Explore Our Travel Guides

Find our travel guides, itineraries, and recommendations by location and activity here!

What's New on Alpacka My Bags?

Travel guides, tips and tricks, camping and hiking recommendations, road trip itineraries, packing lists, and more are all below.

Check out our guest blog on Curiosity2Create! We dive into why travel is so important when it comes to staying creative, and how it helps us think "outside the box."

Travel Resources

Planning a vacation can be time-consuming and a little overwhelming. To help smooth this process for you, we've compiled our favorite travel planning resources.

From finding the best flights and hotels to the essentials you need to make the most of your trip, check out the Alpacka My Bags travel resources page.

Our Latest Blog Posts

Camping + Hiking Guides

Want to go on an awesome camping adventure? We have everything you might need right here, from gear recommendations to complete travel guides, to make sure your next, or maybe your first, camping trip will be perfect! Now let's get planning the camping trip of your dreams with Alpacka My Bags.

Travel Planning Tips

Ready to go on your next vacation? Chose from one of our many travel guides to find the best trip for you! We believe that travel teaches us things we'd never learn anywhere else. So we want to share that with you! Here's everything you need to start planning your next trip!

Let Us Help You Plan Your Trip!

Travel Resources

Find the best camping, hiking, and travel apps for all your navigational and planning needs 

Camping Guides

Our in-depth camping guides are filled with gear reviews, dog safe travel, and hiking recommendations

U.S. Travel

Find your dream road trip through our National Park guides, tips and tricks, and itinieraries here 

Find Out How We Started!

Hi, I'm Georgina! I love all things travel, hiking, and rooftop tent camping. I want to share with you how you can enjoy these adventures too. My passion is helping you with all things travel, camping, hiking, and vacation planning!

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