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Hi, we're Georgina and Nathan, college friends turned travel partners. We're coffee and animal-loving adventure enthusiasts here to share our favorite travel tips with you! Our goal is to inspire others to get out and explore this wild planet by camping, hiking, or wandering around a fun new city!

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What to Pack for a Ski Trip | With a Free Checklist!

Updated: Jul 20

The Ultimate Skiing Checklist for Any Ski Trip

What to Pack for a Ski Trip - Alpacka My Bags

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The ultimate winter adventure. Perfect for active people. For outdoor lovers. For people wanting to try a new sport. Welcome to the world of skiing, and snowboarding. The extreme sport that can be molded to fit any level.

It’s a great activity for those adrenaline seekers that want to learn park tricks or hit double black diamond runs. Yet, it’s also perfect for those who want to leisurely go down a beautiful mountainside and for any level in between.

Get ready to enjoy the greatest sport of all time! If you’re here, you’re most likely a first-time skier, so welcome, get comfortable. The ski community is a great one to be a part of. We all want everyone to be able to enjoy this awesome sport!

But how do you prepare for a ski or snowboard trip? You must be wondering what to pack for a ski trip! And that’s why we’re here. So let’s get down to business. Keep reading for a free downloadable skiing packing list, which doubles as a snowboarding checklist!

Don't know where to go skiing? Check out Park City, Utah!

what to pack for a ski trip

What to Pack for a Ski Trip

Think layers. You want to be able to add more layers if it’s colder, but be able to take some off if it’s hot. In order to stay comfortable and warm, you want to avoid sweating! So while it’s easy to think the thicker, the warmer, the better, you actually want to be able to cool down to stay warm. If you get so hot that you sweat in cold weather, your sweat will then turn cold, and end up making you colder.

You also don’t need to have ski gear of your own in order to have a successful ski trip. In fact, most people don’t! In ski resort towns, you will find so many rental locations with various gear available for rent for various prices. I will offer my advice though when it comes to ski gear rentals: you NEED to book and rent in advance.

While there are many options available, you don’t want to arrive at your ski location to find that everywhere is out of the right size boots, skis, poles, etc. Most rental places will even offer drop-off and pick-up services, but these are often only available to those who book in advance. So it’s just better to be safe than sorry!

The Only Skiing Packing List You Need

Skiing Packing List

Winter Clothes

This might be obvious, but packing warm winter clothes is a must for a ski trip. And not just for while you're on the slopes. Remember you’re going to the snowy mountains, so pack warm clothes for your off time as well. You want to be able to explore the area surrounding your ski resort, so make sure you have comfy clothes to stay warm while doing so. Think sweaters, long pants, scarves, hats, etc!

Waterproof Boots

You’ll most likely experience plowed sidewalks in your ski resort, so having sneakers on won’t be an issue here. But if you plan on exploring outside of your resort, you’ll definitely want waterproof boots to a) keep your feet dry from snow and b) keep your feet WARM. Freezing toes are no joke, and they make for a sad, uncomfy adventure.

Winter Coat

Along with warm layers to wear underneath, you will need a warm, waterproof coat to stay warm and dry while on a ski trip. Having a waterproof coat is necessary for a ski trip, you’re going to the snowy mountains! If you’re a beginner skier or snowboarder, you will fall, and you will land in cold, wet snow (but it makes for a much softer landing!). So definitely invest in a quality coat that will keep you dry.


It’s a good idea to have a pair of your own ski goggles. I have never rented these myself, and I don't know how common it is to find them available for rent. I recommend getting a pair so you know they fit you well and are comfortable for hours of wear. It's important to have goggles that allow you to see the ski runs easily!

Skiing Packing List - Goggles

Waterproof Gloves

Do NOT forget gloves, or your hands will literally freeze! Grab a pair of waterproof, warm gloves so you can stay dry and warm while skiing. Ski gloves can be very expensive, but you do want a pair of pretty high quality or you’ll end up with freezing cold, wet hands.


Keep your head warm during the entire trip with a cute and comfortable beanie. Available in so many colors and styles, beanies not only keep you warm, but are a fun way to add color to your outfit in winter. If you want to, you can bring a thin beanie to wear under your helmet. Not every helmet comes with a soft, warm inner liner, so this is a good idea if you're renting equipment.

Neck Warmer

Along with a hat to keep your head warm, you’ll need a neck warmer or balaclava to keep your neck warm. Trust me, this is super important. You would be surprised by how cold you can get if your neck isn’t covered. It can get very bitterly cold and windy on snowy ski slopes!


Another very important thing to pack for a ski trip is thermals. Remember we mentioned above how it’s important to pack layers you can wear more or less of. Well, thermals are your very important, very warm layer. By a comfy pair, throw them in your bag, and they will be your best friend on your ski trip, even during off times.

Fleece or Warm Inner Layer

On top of thermals, you will want a fleece pullover or some type of extra warm layer. I aim to wear at least three top layers while I’m skiing: a thermal shirt, a fleece pullover, and my waterproof ski jacket. This way if I do get too hot, I can easily pull off my fleece and still have a warm base layer and dry top layer on. And your fleece doubles as a lighter weight jacket!

What to Pack for a Ski Trip - Fleece Jacket

Ski Socks

You NEED ski socks to keep your feet warm, and layering two to three pairs of normal socks will sadly just result in your feet getting uncomfortable and still getting cold. I learned the hard way, and I want you to avoid this uncomfortable situation! Even if you only buy a pair or two of thick ski socks, you can air dry them overnight and re-wear them again.

Ski Pants

Along with a waterproof jacket, you will definitely want waterproof ski pants for your ski trip. Please do NOT ski in jeans, leggings, sweatpants, or anything not made for the snow. You will end up cold, wet, and miserable. Remember I mentioned falling into cold, wet snow above? Well, the good news is, if you have on warm, waterproof ski pants, you will stay dry and therefore warm!

Sports Bra

For my bra-wearing friends, I highly recommend skiing in a sports bra, or something more supportive. This is an active, physically demanding sport! You will be moving around a lot, possibly sweating a little, and most likely falling a few times, but that’s why it's nice to fall into the snow. It’s a much softer landing!

Last, but not least, the little things...

Chapstick or Lipbalm

Your lips will get seriously dry when you hit the slopes. Don't forget to throw some chapstick in your ski jacket so you can reapply it whenever you need while you're skiing. It is not fun to be whizzing down the mountains with very dry and chapped lips, especially on a very cold day!


Google tan is no joke, and if it happens to be very sunny during your ski trip, it is bound to happen. Throw in a small bottle of sunblock, or even face moisturizer with SPF. It will stop your face from looking like two completely different shades! Plus, sunburn is not fun any time of year, so avoid it with a little bottle of trusty sunblock.


Along with your lips getting chapped and dry, there is a very high chance your hands, legs, and arms will also get dry. Rather than being uncomfortable and itchy, throw a small bottle of lotion in your bag to lather on your skin after a long day on the runs!

If you are bringing your own ski gear, don’t forget the following…






Boots (Snowboard)

What to Pack for a Ski Trip - Alpacka My Bags

You won’t get very far down the mountain if you don’t have the above gear! Except for maybe poles, but I like to have a pair with me so I can see how I’m feeling. But remember, you don’t need your own ski equipment for a fun, successful ski trip.

Look up rental stores in the town you will be staying in, and book in advance. Ask if they have a drop-off and pick-up service too; if you’re staying in a resort or hotel, you can often get gear delivered which is a great way to save time and be able to hit the slopes more.

Most importantly, don’t forget to bring a positive attitude on your ski trip! It’s okay to fall, even experts do it. It’s okay to take breaks, skiing is a physically demanding sport. But oh my goodness the payoff is worth it. Just get ready to soak up breathtaking views while having the time of your life!

Now you know what to pack for a skip trip, or snowboard trip, so get those suitcases out, dig out your winter clothes, and get packing! Don't forget to download our FREE skiing packing list below.

Will this be your first time skiing? What ski resort are you headed to? We want to hear all about it in the comments below! Now go have fun on the slopes!

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