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The Ultimate Ski Packing List + Free Printable

Updated: Jan 20

The ultimate winter adventure, perfect for active people, outdoor lovers, and people wanting to try a new sport. Welcome to the world of skiing and snowboarding, the extreme sport that can be molded to fit any level.

Skiing is a great activity for those adrenaline seekers who want to learn park tricks or hit double black diamond runs. Yet, it’s also perfect for those who want to leisurely ski down a beautiful mountainside and for any level in between.

Get ready to enjoy the greatest sport of all time! The ski community is a great one to be a part of. We all want everyone to be able to enjoy this awesome sport. And the best place to start preparing is figuring out what to pack for a skip trip.

Let's get you prepared for an epic ski trip! In this article, I'll cover what to bring on a ski trip, flying with skis, as well as a free ski trip packing list printable below. Looking for a great place to ski? Head to Park City, Utah for some incredible skiing opportunities!

What to Pack for a Ski Trip - Alpacka My Bags

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What to Bring On a Ski Trip

Think layers when packing for a ski trip. To stay comfortable and warm, you want to avoid sweating. Skiing is a very physically demanding activity; you'll get warmer and sweatier than you would think being out in the snow.

You also don’t need to have ski gear of your own to have a successful ski trip. Most people don’t! In ski resorts and surrounding towns, you will find many rental locations with various gear available at different prices. Just remember to rent any ski gear in advance.

While there are many options available, you don’t want to arrive at your ski location to find that everywhere is out of the right size boots, skis, poles, etc. Most rental places offer drop-off and pick-up services, but these are often only available to those who book in advance.

Snowy Mountain in Park City - Ski Packing List

Luggage: Flying With Skis

If you plan on flying with skis, you will want a ski bag that fits all your gear. Make sure your ski bag length is longer than the length of your skis to ensure enough room. You should be able to fit your ski boots and poles in this bag as well.

A ski bag is not classified as a normal checked bag on most airlines, but checking a ski bag is usually easy. Take a look at your airline's bag restrictions/regulations before you fly.

If you're only flying with clothes and plan on renting gear, your typical suitcase will work fine and you can skip to the ultimate ski packing list.

Roller Ski Bag

A roller ski bag is one with wheels. These are usually easier to move around at the airport, etc., but can run more expensive. However, after getting a bag with wheels, I never want one without them.

Recommended Bag: Dakine Ski Roller Bag

Roller Ski Bag

Adjustable Ski Bag

Another luggage option when flying with skis is an adjustable padded ski bag. You can roll it down to fit the length of your skis better. This option is usually cheaper. They can be slightly harder to carry, but they still work just fine.

Recommended Bag: Sukoa Padded Ski Bag

Adjustable Ski Bag

The Only Ski Packing List You Need

Ski Clothes

While you're skiing, staying dry, warm, and comfortable is a priority. Having the proper attire is essential for making the most out of a ski trip and enjoying it as much as you can. Here are the ski clothes you will need.

  • Thermals: These are your base layer and will help keep you warm (recommended women's set & men's set).

  • Ski Socks: Keep your feet from freezing and invest in great ski socks. Avoid layering socks when skiing as this will result in cold feet; stick to one pair of ski socks.

  • Ski Pants: The best ski pants are waterproof and lined to keep you warm. Stay dry while in the snow and buy a great pair of ski pants. (recommended women's pants & men's pants).

  • Ski Jacket or Winter Coat: Stay warm in the cold snow with a waterproof ski jacket. These are designed to repel snow and keep you dry (recommended women's ski jacket & men's ski jacket).

  • Undergarments: Don't forget these! Bra-wearing people, bring a comfortable sports bra for skiing as it is a physically demanding sport.

Ski Gear

If you're bringing your own gear on your ski trip, remember to buy a ski bag so flying with skis will be a breeze for you. You can also rent gear from local stores in the area you're skiing in. Book any ski rentals in advance. Here are the ski gear essentials you will need for a ski trip.

  • Downhill Skis: When holding your skis upright (perpendicular to the ground), they should line up somewhere between your chin and your forehead. Shorter skis are better for beginners as they're easier to maneuver, while longer skis are more commonly used among more advanced skiers.

  • Ski Boots: Getting boots that fit you well is essential when skiing. Head to REI if you're in the US, or a local ski shop to get fitted for a pair of your own ski boots. Rental shops will ask for your size if you book in advance, but will help you find a better fit if the size you pick ends up not working.

  • Ski Poles: These are not essential, but many skiers prefer skiing with poles. If you're a first-time skier, your ski instructor will help you. If you're buying your own ski poles, stand with a slight bend in your knees holding the ski poles in each hand in front of you with your elbows will be at a 90° angle. If the poles touch the ground, they're a good height for you.

  • Helmet: Safety first! You are not required to ski with a helmet, but it's a bad idea not to. A good helmet helps keep your head safe. If you're renting gear, make sure you add a helmet to your rentals.

  • Snowboard & Boots: Hey snowboarders, this ski packing list is helpful for you too! If you have a snowboarder in your group, they'll need everything on this list besides skis, poles, and ski boots.

Skiing Extras

On top of having the correct ski gear and clothes, you'll also need extras like waterproof gloves, a neck warmer, and more. Continuing with the ultimate ski packing list, do not forget these smaller, yet super important items!

  • Glove Liners: For really cold days, glove liners help keep your hands even warmer. Wear them inside your gloves or mittens.

  • Neck Warmer: Your face and neck are very susceptible to the cold when skiing; a neck warmer is a must-have.

  • Goggles: Invest in a great pair of ski goggles that will last a long time. High-quality ski goggles are less likely to fog up so you'll have a much better ski trip with them!

  • Scarf: Sometimes you need more than just a neck warmer, and a scarf comes in handy off the ski slopes as well.

  • Beanie/Hat: Great for on and off the ski runs, a beanie is essential on any snow trip. A thin one can often be worn under your helmet on very cold days.

Non-Skiing Clothes

Packing warm winter clothes is a must for a ski trip, and not just for while you're on the slopes. If you want to be able to explore the area surrounding your ski resort, make sure you have comfy clothes to stay warm while doing so. Think sweaters, long pants, scarves, hats, etc!

  • Sweaters: The best option for tops on a ski trip or snowy trip are sweaters. You can wear them over thermals or by themselves.

  • Long Pants: Stick to long pants on a ski trip; you can also wear thermals underneath them.

  • Extra Jacket: A lighter-weigh jacket is nice for time out on the town; Cotopaxi has the best medium-weight jacket.

  • Socks: As well as ski socks, pack some lighter-weight long socks for dining out, flying, etc.

  • Waterproof Boots: If you plan on exploring outside of your resort, you’ll want waterproof boots (women's and men's) to keep your feet warm and dry in the snow.

  • Sneakers: Bring a pair of comfy sneakers for flying in and wearing after a long day of skiing (your feet will thank you).

  • Swimsuit: Many hotels at or near a ski resort have hot tubs. Bring a swimsuit so you can relax after a long day of skiing by soaking in the hot tub! Your muscles will thank you.

Man skiing on top of mountain - What to Bring on a Ski Trip

Other Helpful Items to Bring on a Ski Trip

These are always on my ski packing list and I'll tell you why. Don't forget these essentials when packing for a ski trip!

  • Lipbalm: Your lips will get very dry in the sun and cold on the ski slopes. Don't forget to throw some lip balm in your ski jacket so you can reapply it whenever you need it while you're skiing.

  • Lotion: Everything from your lips to your elbows to your legs will get dry when you visit a snowy destination. Throw a small bottle of lotion in your bag to lather on your skin after a long day on the ski runs!

  • Sunscreen: Ever heard of goggle tan? If it happens to be very sunny during your ski trip, it is bound to happen. Throw in a travel bottle of sunscreen or face moisturizer with SPF. It will help you avoid goggle tan, and it's good to wear sunscreen outside (even in the snow).

Ski Packing List FAQ:

How do you pack efficiently for a ski trip?

To pack more efficiently for a ski trip, pack as much as you can/want to in your ski bag if you're flying with skis. Generally, you can fit other essentials like gloves, ski pants, thermals, etc. in your ski bag as well.

You can also use compression packing cubes. Ski clothes, and winter clothes in general, are very bulky. You'll be able to fit more in your suitcase if you use compression packing cubes.

What do you wear on a ski trip when you're not skiing?

Wear warm winter clothes on a ski trip even if you're not skiing. Buy a pair of thermals to wear under your clothes; these are great to wear in any cold climate, on and off the ski slopes. On top of thermals, wear sweaters, fleece jackets, long pants, a winter coat, and waterproof boots.

How many pairs of ski pants do I need?

One pair of quality ski pants is enough. These are expensive and you can always wash them (make sure to follow the instructions on the tag to maintain the quality). If you wear thermals underneath your ski pants, these are more likely to get sweaty and are easy to wash. Bring at least two sets of thermals on your ski trip.

View of snowy mountain and ski runs in Park City - Ski Packing List

This ultimate ski packing list will help you enjoy your ski trip to the max. But remember, you don’t need to own ski equipment for a fun, successful ski trip. Look up rental stores in the town you will be staying in, and book in advance. Or ask your friends and family if anyone has ski equipment you can borrow.

Most importantly, don’t forget to bring a positive attitude on your ski trip! It’s okay to fall, even experts do it. It’s okay to take breaks, skiing is a physically demanding sport. But the payoff is worth it. Just get ready to soak up breathtaking views while having the time of your life!

Now you know what to bring on a skip trip or snowboard trip, so get those suitcases out, buy a ski bag if you need one, dig out your winter clothes, and get packing! Don't forget to download our free ski trip packing list printable below.

Will this be your first time skiing? What ski resort are you headed to? We want to hear all about it in the comments below! Now go have fun on the slopes!

Ski Packing List Printable Preview | Alpacka My Bags

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Jan 11, 2023

Loved reading this! We are thinking about heading to Canada and want to include some skiing. I went years ago but can barely remember everything you need so this is really helpful!

Georgina D'Angelo
Georgina D'Angelo
Aug 09, 2023
Replying to

Canada is a great place to enjoy skiing! I hope you had a lovely trip.

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