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10 Things to Do in Park City Besides Skiing

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Planning to travel to Park City, Utah? Don't feel like hitting the slopes?

what to do in Park City, Utah besides skiing

While Park City, Utah is an amazing skiing and snowboarding destination, it has much more to offer than just the slopes. You can tag along with your friends or family who want to hit the runs, even if you don’t, and still have a blast in this vibrant ski town. You can even plan a relaxing winter weekend getaway with your friends or your partner!

Check out our top picks for activities in Park City if you don’t want to ski. Or hit the slopes for a couple of days and wind down with one or two of the following recommendations!

What to do in Park City, Utah For Non-Skiers

couple standing by the Sundance Film Festival Banner in Park City, UT

Explore Historic Park City

Stroll down Main Street into the Historic District of Park City. There are tons of shops and restaurants to visit; take a look around the Park City Museum and learn about the town’s unique history. You can hop on a bus from Park City Mountain, or bundle up and walk through the cute neighborhoods to get here.

standing outside Dolly's Bookstore Park City, Utah

Heber Valley Train

Located about 25 minutes from Park City Mountain is the Heber Valley railroad. The Deer Creek Express is a 90-minute roundtrip, offering amazing views of the Wasatch Mountains and Deer Creek Reservoir. This is a great way to enjoy the scenery while staying warm if you’re visiting in the winter!

heber valley train park city, utah

Sleigh Ride Dinner

Take an authentic horse-drawn sleigh ride up the mountain to the Snowed Inn. You’ll get blankets to wrap up in on the sleigh, and the inn will be heated and waiting for you with blazing fireplaces and hot cider. Here, you’ll receive a delicious 3-course meal with live music and pleasant service. I highly recommend this for all ages!

family sleigh ride at Park City Mountain Resort


Feeling adventurous? Hop on a snowmobile! Check out Park City Peaks for tour options and find one that suits your schedule. They offer 2, 3, and 4-hour trips as well as private excursions.

snowmobiling in Park City, Utah

Olympic Park

Have you ever dreamed of competing in the winter Olympics? Stop at the Olympic Park and you can bobsled on the actual track used in the 2002 Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games! Just note that you must be at least 16 years old to ride, but talk about an epic winter outing.

bobsledding Olympic Park, Park City, utah

Kimball Art Center

This local nonprofit organization, opened in 1976, offers exceptional art exhibitions for locals and visitors. They also have an array of classes and programs. Check out the Kimball Art Center website to see what’s happening while you’re visiting Park City!

looking at art in Kimball Art Center Park City, Utah

Homestead Crater

Swimming? In winter? That’s possible (and enjoyable) at the Homestead Crater. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and even scuba diving at this geothermal pool hidden under limestone. The water stays at a constant 90-96 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes for a nice mid-winter dip.


Want to soak in the mountain views and fresh air without skis or a snowboard? Pick up a pair of snowshoes and you can leisurely make your way through the beautiful trails, both groomed and ungroomed. Take a look at White Pine Touring for rentals and trail recommendations, as well as guided tours.

ski slope Park City Mountain Resort

Ice Fishing

If you’re feeling more adventurous, book an ice fishing tour with Utah Ice Fishing. You can bring the whole family, and you are provided with all necessary equipment, including a heated tent to stay warm in!

Ice fishing Park City, utah

Wellness Trip

Hit the refresh button in Park City by visiting an award-winning spa or taking a yoga class. There are plenty of studios that offer a variety of yoga classes, as well as spas offering massages, body treatments, and more. Take a look at Summit Spa & Float for a wide variety of services.

couple sitting in big red chairs Park City, Utah

Whether you want to hit the slopes or not, Park City is an exciting place to be. There are activities for everyone, for every type of adventurer. Wether you want to stay cozy and relax or bundle up and go exploring, Park City has lots to offer. Let's recap!

What to do in Park City Besides Skiing

  1. Explore Downtown

  2. Heber Valley Train

  3. Sleigh Ride Dinner

  4. Snowmobiling

  5. Olympic Park

  6. Kimball Art Center

  7. Homestead Crater

  8. Snowshoeing

  9. Ice Fishing

  10. Wellness Retreat

We're here to help you plan your next getaway to Park City, Utah! It's a wonderful place for skiers, snowboarders, and those who do neither! There's so much to do in Park City besides skiing, so we hope we've convinced you to visit this charming town in Utah.

What will you be doing in Park City this winter? A sleigh ride dinner is definitely a must for any couples or families! Let us know how your trip goes in the comments below!

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