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Hi, I'm Georgina! A coffee-loving adventure enthusiast here to share my favorite travel tips with you! My goal is to inspire others to get out and explore this wild planet by camping, hiking, or wandering around a fun new city!

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8 Best Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City

Updated: May 1

best coffee shops in salt lake city

While you’re exploring the wonderful Salt Lake City, Utah, stop by one of these amazing coffee shops for the perfect pick-me-up. Sip on a hot cappuccino and enjoy some killer toast, or grab a large chai latte to-go. Let’s dive into the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City.

While these all have killer drinks to choose from, as well as some delicious bites to eat, they are all also the best coffee shops to work in Salt Lake City. Bring your laptop, order your favorite drink or try a new one, and get cranking out some remote work.

After trying several Salt Lake City coffee shops, we narrowed down the list to the best so you can truly enjoy your coffee experience in this city. So, what are the…

Best Coffee Shops in Salt Lake City

1. King’s Peak Coffee Roasters - Best Atmosphere

best coffee shops in salt lake city - king's peak

Along with killer specialty coffees, mouth-watering avocado toast, and a great selection of giant pastries, King's Peak Coffee Roasters wins the award for the best atmosphere.

There are several tables here to work at, as well as a big comfy couch. The decor is a fun vibe, but it’s not super distracting either. The music is always perfect for the mood, and the staff is so incredibly nice and helpful here.

This is hands down one of the best coffee shops to work in Salt Lake City with great free wifi. Plus, there is plenty of free parking right outside, which is a huge bonus if you’re driving in SLC!

best coffee shops in salt lake city - honeysuckle

This is the perfect place to duck in from a snowstorm, enjoy unique treats, and meet up with a friend. Try their honeysuckle syrup in your coffee if it’s available, you won’t regret it.

The decor at Honeysuckle Coffee Co. is so cute, it makes me want to buy a house just to decorate it. This is another great place to get some work done; they have a variety of seating options and chill tunes playing in the background.

3. Roots Coffee Utah - Most Welcoming

best salt lake city coffee shops - roots

After walking into Roots, it feels like you’ve just met up with a good friend, who also happens to be the cashier and barista. This cozy coffee shop is set up like a house, with most of the seating located upstairs.

We were treated like good friends while visiting; the staff was very friendly. They have a fun seating area that’s set up like a living room, complete with a hanging chair in the corner! But they also have several tables to sit and work at.

Plus, you can order baked goods from local bakers, such as a chai cinnamon roll (starts drooling). I highly recommend the Horchata Latte if it’s available!

4. District Coffee Co. - Best Working Environment

best salt lake city coffee shops - district coffee co

If you need to buckle down and get some work done, head to District. Here you will see college students and digital nomads all sipping on coffee and working away.

It’s nice to be surrounded by others who are also working when you need to get stuff done. District is a motivating place to do so! And their coffee is yummy! Make sure you check out their toast options if you’re hungry.

5. Publik Coffee Roasters - Most Unique Options

best coffee shops in salt lake city - publik coffee roasters

With a wonderful selection of specialty coffees, paninis, and toasts, you can try something you probably haven’t had before at Publik Coffee Roasters. Like an “ Honestly John” latte made with smoked hickory, brown sugar, and almond.

If you’re hungry, Publik is a must-visit. You can enjoy a killer grilled cheese panini, goat cheese and jam toast, portobello panini, and more. The food is all so delicious here, my stomach keeps telling me to order more.

slc coffee shops - chubby llama roasting company

While this coffee shop is on the smaller side, it is such a fun one to visit. And being “Alpacka My Bags,” we could not skip out on the opportunity to visit a llama-themed coffee shop! Close enough, we love them both.

And the best part? It did not disappoint! The pastries here are so delicious, but make sure you visit earlier in the day if you want your pick, they sell out fast. Besides great coffee, tea, and pastries, the decor is fun here, and there is tons of free parking; yay!

7. Blue Copper - Dog Friendly

slc coffee shops - blue copper 2000

You really can’t go wrong with coffee and dogs, I mean, it’s the perfect combo right? While Blue Copper 2000 is another one of the best coffee shops to work in Salt Lake City, it also happens to be dog-friendly!

They have a rotating selection of pastries here as well, along with some staples. I enjoyed one of the best chai lattes I’ve had here at Blue Copper, and their matcha is delicious as well.

8. Salt Lake Roasting Co. - Most Accommodating

best coffee shops in salt lake city - salt lake roasting cofee co

When it comes to size, Salt Lake Roasting Co. wins the award. They have the biggest seating area with two levels of tables and bar-style seating. It still fills up though, so be prepared to sit near others or wait briefly for a table.

They also have the biggest selection of food and drinks. If you are looking for gluten-free or vegan options, then you definitely need to visit Salt Lake Roasting Co. and check out their delicious foods and drinks! They are more than willing to work with your dietary restrictions.

While Salt Lake City might not come to mind when you think of coffee capitals of the world, there are some fantastic places to grab a fresh cup of Joe here. Or switch it up and try a unique specialty drink! Which of the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City will you be visiting first?

best coffee shops in salt lake city

If you want to pop in quickly for a coffee to-go, or stay for a while and get some work done, these coffee shops are the best in town! Want to explore more of the city? Plan your trip with the ultimate Salt Lake City travel guide.

Along with great coffee options, these spots all have other options as well. Like different teas, delicious small bites, and more. From self-roasted coffee beans to cozy working spaces to friendly staff, these are the best coffee shops in Salt Lake City!

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