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Shop for travel essentials and must-haves for your next trip. Whether you're going on an adventure trip, a city getaway, or a road trip, these travel must-haves will come in handy.

Alpacka My Bags has mastered packing, and we want to help you do the same! Say goodbye to chronic overpacking, yes that was me, and hello to light packing and less heavy-lifting when it comes to carrying luggage.

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My Top 4 Travel Essentials

Before your next trip, make sure you have these 3 travel must-haves ready!


Compression packing cubes to stay organized and pack more in a smaller bag. A portable charger so you don't need to worry about finding outlets on the go. Express VPN to protect your online data so you can browse the internet securely wherever you are (affiliate links).


Browse and shop our must-have travel accessories. After trying a variety of products, these are our favorite tried and trusted travel must-haves that make it on all of our trips.

Whether they provide organization, make our lives easier, or just add a little extra fun to our adventures, these travel must-haves need to be on your list!

We have affiliate links included below so you can easily purchase these awesome travel accessories. We earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through one.

Shop our general travel essentials on our Amazon list.

General Travel Must Haves

Outdoor Adventure Travel Must Haves

Shop our outdoor adventure favorites. From camping essentials to hiking gear, take a look at the best adventure gear below!

Dog Essentials for Travel

Your dog deserves to go on fun adventures too! Make your life easier and grab these travel must-haves for dogs who love to explore. Shop our top picks for dog travel gear.

Spark your wanderlust with some of the great travel books...
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Travel Destinations

Browse our travel guides and itineraries by destination. Have a place in mind? Take a look at our location specific guides below.

Read our guest blog on Curiosity2Create to learn how travel actually helps us stay more creative!

How Alpacka My Bags Started

I'm Georgina!  I love finding new adventures and exploring new places, so I created Alpacka My Bags as a space to share my travel tips and adventure finds with others to enjoy. There is so much to explore on this planet, from camping to hiking to wandering around new cities. Join me, and often my partner, on new adventures and see for yourself what wild and amazing things are out there! P.s. I'm obsessed with alpacas.

"I'll pack my bags!"...Alpacka My Bags!

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