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Travel Destinations

These travel destinations are our favorite places to visit in the world, and we're here to share them with you. Here for your needs when planning the trip of your dreams! From packing lists to itineraries to coffee shop recommendations, we've got you covered when planning a trip to your dream travel destinations. 

Incredible Places to Visit in the World

Not sure where you want to travel first? Browse for inspiration! From packing lists to itineraries to accommodations, we've got all the details below.

North America

Browse all travel destination blogs for inspiration!

Find Out How We Started!

Hi, we're Nathan and Georgina! We love all things travel, hiking, and rooftop tent camping. We've been exploring this crazy world together for over 2 years, so we decided it was time to share the fun with you! We're incredibly fortunate to go on the adventures we go on, so we want to share with you how you can too. Our passion is helping you with all things travel and vacation planning!

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