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The 14 Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

Updated: Jun 3

Grab a cup of tea or coffee from one of these killer coffee spots!

Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City - Alpacka My Bags

Hello, fellow coffee addicts. You understand the importance of finding a great coffee shop when traveling, and even when home. So after completing the very difficult task of trying many cafes, and sipping on so many lattes, I've compiled a list of the best coffee shops in Quebec City.

You might be surprised by how many amazing coffee shops there are in Quebec City. It’s no coffee capital, but that doesn’t stop the Quebecois from creating killer lattes and tea drinks! If you enjoy a nice cappuccino, London fog, or matcha latte, you need to add these coffee shops to your Quebec City itinerary asap.

For all my caffeine-loving friends, keep reading for the best coffee shops in Quebec City. You won’t be disappointed by any of them. And if you enjoy fresh pastries, you’re in luck! You will find yummy, fresh-baked pastries at these coffee shops too as well as some crepes, soups, and sandwiches.

What are the best coffee shops in Quebec City?

1. Baguette & Chocolat

Come here for killer crepes along with hot, fresh lattes. Ask for cinnamon or cocoa to top your latte off; it honestly makes the perfect addition. This is also a great location to bring your laptop to and get some work done while enjoying your provisions.

Baguette & Chocolat - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

2. Cafe La Maison Smith

This coffee shop is a chain in Quebec City, so you’ll find multiple locations, all worth visiting. You have to get a salted caramel latte and a grilled cheese here, they’re both addicting! You'll also find a plethora of macarons here, like seriously in every flavor imaginable.

Cafe La Maison Smith - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

3. Joe Cool Cafe & Curiosities

This place lives up to its name! A cool coffee shop to stop for lunch and a coffee, or bring your laptop and get some remote work checked off here. Their soups are perfect on a chilly day, and the chai teas are giant. Yum! Another bonus, the decor and vibe are definitely a big hit.

Joe Cool Cafe - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

4. Cafe Pekoe

If you want unique pastries, you definitely need to visit Cafe Pekoe. While you couldn’t go wrong with any of their pastries, we highly recommend the earl grey scone and chocolate coconut carrot cake bar if available! Another great place to work, but be ready for it to be busy. Seating may be limited.

Cafe Pekoe - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

5. Nektar Cafeologue

A hip, chill place to stop for caffeine, Nektar is a popular place for digital nomads and college students to hang out. It has a great vibe with hanging plants filling the atmosphere with pretty greenery. Nektar is the perfect chill place, no frills here.

Nektar Coffee - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

6. Cafe Saint-Henri

Another popular place for college students and digital nomads, Cafe Saint-Henri has a killer selection of donuts! From pistachio to creme brulee to Biscoff cookie donuts, if you’re a fellow donut lover you simply have to stop here. Make sure you stop by early, the best donuts sell quickly.

Cafe Saint Henri - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

7. L'art du Café Colombien Tintico

If you’re looking for something more unique, head to Tintico! They offer amazing coffee and tea drinks along with mouthwatering Colombian cuisine. From empanadas to tequeños, everything here is SO good, we would go back in a heartbeat and order it all. And not to pick favorites, but Tintico tops my list of the best coffee shops in Quebec City.

L'art du Cafe Colombien Tintico - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

8. Book and Coffee Shop Saint-Suave

In a quieter, more residential area, you’ll find Book and Coffee Shop Saint-Suave which is just as it’s called! This coffee shop doubles as a little bookstore, and they sell French books as well as some books in English. You'll find daily specials, including some veggie options for food.

Book and Coffee Shop Saint Suave - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

9. Faux Movement

Swap the books out for athletic wear, and you’ll be in Faux Movement! This modern coffee shop offers great drinks in a fantastic location. It’s close to the Chateau Frontenac, multiple famous murals, shopping, and more. A fun place to pop into, browse their gear, and sip on a yummy drink.

Faux Movement - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

10. Les Brûlerie St-Jean

Located in another great area is Les Brûlerie St-Jean. It’s close to the busier downtown area of Quebec City. They also have an upstairs here so it’s a great place to get some work done too! The hot apple cider is amazing here FYI.

Les Brulerie St Jean - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

Now you know the essential details of what the best coffee shops in Quebec City are, where will you be stopping first? These were hands down our favorite spots for a hot latte or London fog, and we would gladly go back to any of them.

If you feel like venturing out of the city, you need to head to the quaint town of Saint-Anne-de-Beaupre! This charming small town is located about 30 minutes from Quebec City and is a lovely place to slow down and enjoy all the small things.

Here are the best coffee shops in Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, the neighboring city!

11. Cafe Apollo

Along with seriously good coffee and tea staples, you can order sandwiches, vegan and non-vegan pastries, kombucha, and more here. They also have a little store section that offers wines, coffee beans, apparel, and more. Plus, it’s dog-friendly!

Cafe Apollo - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

12. BAM Cafe

With incredibly welcoming staff, you’ll feel right at home in BAM. One of the best parts about this coffee shop, besides how tasty it is, are the chairs! Comfy chairs to enjoy a London Fog tea latte and mouth-watering beignet? Yes, please!

BAM Cafe - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

13. Les Bonyeuses

You can order a wonderful latte here, but what you must get are several pastries and a loaf of bread! This tiny bakery packs a punch with fresh-baked bread of all kinds and pastries that leave you wanting more.

Les Bonyeuses - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

14. Les Trois Becs

If you enjoy shopping locally and cooking when you travel, you definitely need to go to Les Trois Becs! This cute little coffee shop doubles as a small grocery store with unique food options. They also have a killer couscous salad!

Les Trois Becs - Best Coffee Shops in Quebec City

It was a pleasant surprise to find such cute, cozy, and delicious coffee shops in Quebec City and Beaupre! We just had to share them with you, you seriously don’t want to miss out on them. Along with the coffee, the food, pastries, and desserts are all killer in Quebec City.

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And if you’re feeling adventurous or love baking, try your own hand at making Quebec Sugar Pie. It’s a sweet, incredible dessert that pairs very well with a latte from one of the best coffee shops above!

So what is your go-to coffee order? Or do you prefer to switch it up every now and then? We both love lattes, chai, matcha, and especially trying any specialty drinks available. What coffee shop will you be heading to first in Quebec City?

If you're a fellow coffee addict, you'll also know the importance of a great coffee shop when traveling, and even at home! You won't be disappointed with any of these spots, they truly are the best coffee shops in Quebec City.

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