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Hi, I'm Georgina! A coffee-loving adventure enthusiast here to share my favorite travel tips with you! My goal is to inspire others to get out and explore this wild planet by camping, hiking, or wandering around a fun new city!

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The Best Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip: Budgets & Reviews

Updated: Jan 30

Planning a trip to Las Vegas? You’ve chosen such a fun city to explore! And no better area to be based in than the famous Strip. From gorgeous hotels to famous restaurants, the Strip is the place to be in Vegas.

Best Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip - Alpacka My Bags

Here you will find the most popular places in Sin City and with good reason! Plan your days to be packed with the best things to do in Vegas, eat to your heart’s content, and find the best hotel to suit your needs while in town so you can relax after busy days.

If it’s your first time in Las Vegas, it can definitely be a little overwhelming, so I’m here to help! I explored every major hotel on the strip and these are hands down my favorites; I’ll tell you why. But I will warn you, “budget” is a term Las Vegas doesn’t understand.

If you can, splurge a little on a hotel in Vegas. While you can save money staying off the Strip, if you only have a few days here, it’s so worth booking a hotel on the Strip. Time to check out the Best Hotels in Vegas on the Strip!

Disclosure: This article may contain affiliate links, meaning we get a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase through one of them. Read our affiliate disclosure. Thank you for your support!

Best Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip

1. The Venetian | Luxury

Budget: $$$$$

Maybe it’s because I have a soft spot for anything Italian, but the Venetian is definitely one of the best hotels in Vegas on the Strip. From the beautifully decorated interior to the canal complete with real gondola rides, to the marvelous exterior design made to look like Doge’s Palace in Venice.

The Venetian seriously has it all. If you want to stay in Vegas in style, this is the place for you! You’ll have shopping options and delicious restaurants right below you. This is a prime location on the Strip as it’s close to the Linq Promenade, Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere and Beatles shows, The Volcano at The Mirage, and so much more.

The average cost for 3 nights at the Venetian is $1,500 so it is on the pricier side. However, many hotels on the Strip are going to cost more. I definitely think it’s worth it if you can afford to splurge. And if you’re feeling extra, grab a room with a city view!

The Venetian Canal and Gondolas - Best Hotels in Vegas on the Strip
The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas

2. Caesars Palace | Pools & Dining

Budget: $$$$$

Transport yourself to the city of Rome and book your stay at Caesars Palace. Spend some time wandering through the Forum Shops, catch a concert at the Colosseum, and make reservations for one of the famous restaurants located in Caesars, like Gordon Ramsey’s Pub & Grill or Amalfi by Bobby Flay.

All around the hotel and casino, you’ll find replicas of famous Italian statues such as Neptune’s Fountain and David. The best part about Caesars is the pool area! With six pools to enjoy, you can spend an entire summer day lounging and swimming here.

The average cost for three nights at Caesars Palace is $1,250. It is still pricey, but not as expensive as the Venetian. This is also a great location as it’s about in the middle of the Strip.

Caesars Palace - Best Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip
"David" at Caesars Palace Hotel Las Vegas

3. Treasure Island | More Budget Friendly

Budget: $$$$$

Want to be in a prime location but not spend a fortune? Treasure Island is your place. While it’s not as luxurious as the Venetian or Caesars, you will still have a nice room with Strip views!

Cirque du Soleil’s “Mystere” show is also located in Treasure Island currently, so you’ll be super close to this show if you wish to see it. I highly recommend it, the show was incredible. This is also next door to The Mirage and its famous Volcano show, and across the street from the Venetian.

The average cost for three nights is $700, so this is a great option for staying right on the Strip without breaking the bank.

Treasure Island Hotel Las Vegas - Best Hotels in Vegas on the Strip
Treasure Island Hotel Las Vegas

4. Paris Hotel | Decor and Authenticity

Budget: $$$$$

Another one of my personal favorites when it comes to design, Paris Hotel is one of the best Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip. Complete with an Eiffel Tower replica; the detail that went into designing this hotel amazes me.

Walk down Le Boulevard at Paris inside and admire the pretty restaurants, stop in a shop, or grab a fresh crepe from Le Creperie. It’s the best version of Paris outside Paris itself, and it does not disappoint.

You can head up to the top of the Eiffel Tower for incredible views of the city, or dine at the Eiffel Tower restaurant for a fun and delicious French dinner experience. The average cost for three nights is $925, but you can also opt for an Eiffel view or executive if you want more luxury.

Le Boulevard at Paris Hotel - Best Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip
Le Boulevard at Paris

5. Flamingo | Great Location

Budget: $$$$$

Two things really drew me to the Flamingo in Las Vegas. One is the live flamingos they have in their courtyard, and two is the proximity to the Linq Promenade. This is where you can hop on the High Roller Ferris Wheel for incredible views, or zipline over the promenade for more of a thrill.

The Flamingo is also in a great location on the Strip as it’s fairly in the middle and close to many other attractions and popular hotels, like Caesars and Paris.

The average cost for three nights here is $775, so it’s also a great budget option while still being one of the best Las Vegas hotels on the strip. You can spend a little more and get a great view of the Strip or High Roller if you wish.

Flamingo Hotel - Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip
Glittering in its Glory - Flamingo Las Vegas

Other Great Options: The Best Hotels in Vegas on the Strip

While the five hotels above are my top recommendations, here are a few others well worth checking out. Whether they be in a different location or offer other amenities. Here are more of the best Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip.

  • Excalibur | Castle Theme & Close to Airport

  • Luxor | Iconic Pyramid & Spa Offers

  • Bellagio | Elegant Luxury & Fine Dining

  • Park MGM | Close to T-Mobile Arena & Dolby Live

  • Wynn | Luxury Design & Best Buffet on the Strip

Wynn Hotel - Best Las Vegas Hotels on the Strip
Wynn Hotel

Is it better to stay on the Strip or off the Strip in Vegas?

Staying on the Strip in Vegas will allow you to make the most of your time here. You will be much closer to major attractions, casinos, restaurants, etc. If you stay on the Strip in Vegas, you can walk to most places easily or only have to take a quick Uber or taxi.

This is where most of the action is. You’ll find the major casinos, like the Bellagio and Caesars Palace here. This is also where many famous restaurants are, like Hell’s Kitchen. However, you will be paying more for staying in a prime location.

If you want to save money on accommodation, I recommend staying off the strip. But watch your transportation costs, as they might add up quickly if you have to Uber everywhere. You might be better off spending a little more on a hotel and being close to everything.

Excalibur Hotel - Best Hotels in Vegas on the Strip

What is the best amount of days to stay in Vegas?

Las Vegas is an expensive city, so it really depends on how much you want to spend. That being said, you can fully explore the city in 3 to 5 days. I don’t recommend planning a week trip here.

It is a rather expensive city, and I believe you can do and see a lot in just three days. Check off some popular sites, try a few amazing restaurants, and spend some time gambling; three days is enough time to spend in Vegas.

But if you want to gamble, party, and do some of the other best things to do in Las Vegas as well, you can definitely spend 5 days here and not get bored. Sin City is filled with tons of activities, shows, casinos, and attractions. Just be prepared to spend quite a bit of money.

Paris Hotel Las Vegas - Best Hotels in Vegas on the Strip
Paris Hotel's Eiffel Tower

Las Vegas is one of the most fun cities to visit in the US, and there's no better place to stay than on the famous Strip.

There are so many hotels to choose from here, it can definitely be hard to pick where to stay. If your hotel is in a central location, this will make it much easier to explore as the Strip is quite long and takes a while to walk.

Choosing the right accommodation for your trip will make all the difference. You want to be in a nice location, close to the most popular places to visit. But you don’t want to spend all of your budget on a hotel and not be able to do the things you really want to do in Vegas.

These are my top recommendations for all the Las Vegas hotels on the Strip. Make the most of your time in Vegas and splurge on the luxury of the Venetian.

Centrally base yourself at Caesars Palace and be close to many popular attractions. Or save some money and book a stay at Treasure Island or The Flamingo while still being right on the Strip.

Plan ahead and know what to expect when you arrive in Las Vegas. Enjoy your time in Sin City and check out some of the best things to do in Las Vegas. Most importantly, having a nice hotel will make all the difference, and these truly are the best hotels in Vegas on the Strip.

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