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How to Get Around the Amalfi Coast Without a Car

Updated: Jul 3

How to Get Around the Amalfi Coast Without a Car | Alpacka My Bags

The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful coastal region in southwestern Italy. Start planning an Amalfi vacation and enjoy all that there is to see, do, and eat here. From scenic views and the freshest seafood, to beautiful beaches and quaint towns, you won’t run out of things to do on the Amalfi Coast.

However, the towns of the Amalfi Coast are all spread out so getting around them isn’t always possible on foot. Thankfully there is great public transportation here, so you can catch a bus or ferry between all the towns very easily. Just remember you’re in Italy and no one is in a rush here, including bus drivers. 

If you’re wondering how to get around the Amalfi Coast without a car, let’s get to it. While there are some towns you can walk between, you’ll most likely be taking a bus or ferry around the Amalfi Coast.

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How to Get Around the Amalfi Coast Without a Car

  • SITA Buses ⭐️

  • Ferries ⭐️

  • Guided Tours ⭐️

  • Walking

  • Taxis

  • Driving

  • Hiring a Driver


The main buses on the Amalfi Coast are SITA buses. They travel between most towns, are cheap, and operate fairly frequently making this a great way to get around the Amalfi Coast without a car.

You can easily catch a bus from Amalfi to Ravello, or Amalfi to Maori, for example. One way tickets cost less than €2 making buses the cheapest option after walking.

Generally, you need to buy tickets for the buses before you get on board. You can view where to buy tickets for the Sita buses in Amalfi here as well as the bus schedule. I personally bought SITA bus tickets at this tabacchi in Amalfi and had no issues.

If you plan on staying for multiple days in the Amalfi Coast, I recommend staying in Amalfi itself as it makes a great base. Tons of ferries and buses leave from this town.

If you’re up for a bit more walking, or don’t mind taking the bus down to Amalfi to catch more transportation, Atrani and Ravello are also wonderful to stay in and offer a quieter, more relaxed feel.

Pros of Using the Buses on the Amalfi Coast:

  • Tickets are relatively cheap.

  • Routes are available between all towns.

  • You won’t have to drive on the winding steep roads or in traffic. 

Cons of Using the Buses on the Amalfi Coast:

  • Can be very crowded.

  • Often run late and schedules are hard to find.

Aerial View of Amalfi - How to Get Around the Amalfi Coast


This is another option for getting around the Amalfi Coast. From Amalfi, there are many ferries arriving and departing all day. For example, you can take a ferry from Amalfi to Positano, or Amalfi to Capri. This is very useful for places further away from Amalfi, as it’s a straight shot and you won’t be stopping at several stops like on the buses.

It’s also a fun way to travel! You can enjoy the Amalfi Coast from a boat and cruise past several charming towns along the way. You can find ferry tickets on this site and search for the cheapest or fastest options.

Pros of Using the Ferries on the Amalfi Coast:

  • They are generally cheap (much cheaper than taxis).

  • Ferries can be faster than buses.

Cons of Using the Ferries on the Amalfi Coast:

  • They only depart a few times a day.

  • Seasickness is common on ferries.

Taking a Tour

You can also opt to take a tour to explore the Amalfi Coast. This can be a great option for those who are in a time crunch, aren’t sure where they want to go, or enjoy having a local guide to share history and recommendations. 

There are boat tours, day trips, small group tours, and more available on the Amalfi Coast. Below are some of the best tours on the Amalfi Coast that allow you to explore this beautiful coastal region!


Another option for getting around the Amalfi Coast is taking taxis. This might be the only option if you plan on visiting anywhere way off the beaten path. However, this will also be the most expensive form of transportation without your own car. When we visited, it was around €100 euros to get from Amalfi to Ravello, (so we gladly opted for the bus).

Pros of Getting a Taxi on the Amalfi Coast:

  • Taxis can save you time, and you’re not responsible for driving.

  • You can get to places the buses can't go.

Cons of Getting a Taxi on the Amalfi Coast:

  • Taxis are very expensive in Amalfi.

  • You can still get stuck in traffic.

Amalfi Italy from the boat - How to Get Around the Amalfi Coast Without a Car

Walking the Amalfi Coast

If you’re up for an adventure, I highly recommend walking through at least a couple of towns along the Amalfi Coast. Some of them are close enough to each other that the walk between is scenic and enjoyable. If you’re staying in Amalfi itself, you can easily walk to Atrani (great beach!) and onto the coastal part of Ravello.

Once you’re in a town along the Amalfi Coast, you can easily get around on foot. You won’t need transportation while you explore in a specific town as they’re all small.

Make sure you have comfortable walking shoes, sun protection, water, and an adventurous attitude. You’ll get to see parts of the Amalfi Coast you’d never see if you weren’t exploring on foot!

There is actually a walking tunnel from Atrani to Amali for pedestrians only. It starts here in Atrani and ends here in Amalfi, and you can go in the opposite direction too. Amalfi and Atrani are two of the closest towns in the Amalfi Coast, and it takes about 15 minutes to walk between them. 

Pros of Walking on the Amalfi Coast

  • You’ll see views and areas you wouldn’t see otherwise.

  • More time in the sunshine and you’ll earn yourself an extra Aperol spritz (or two or three).

  • It’s free!

Cons of Walking on the Amalfi Coast

  • Some towns are not within walking distance.

  • If you’re visiting in mid summer, it can get uncomfortably hot.

Driving or Hiring a Driver

I do not recommend renting a car to visit the Amalfi Coast. While it may seem like a convenient way to visit multiple towns, it's not easy to find parking, traffic can get incredibly backed up, and gas is very pricey.

There is also an alternating license plate rule; depending on the last number of your rental car's license, you can only drive through the Amalfi Coast on either even or odd days (please note, this may have changed since 2022).

Instead of driving yourself, look into hiring a private driver. This is an expensive option, but if you're in a time crunch or want to visit more unusual places in Amalfi, this can be a good option. If your wallet doesn’t allow it, stick to the above options of how to get around the Amalfi Coast without a car 

Pros of Driving on the Amalfi Coast:

  • You have control over where and when you go.

  • Farther towns will be easier to visit.

Cons of Driving on the Amalfi Coast:

  • Rental cars are only allowed to drive in the towns on alternating days.

  • Parking and traffic can eat up all of your time (and money).

Ferry in the Water - How to Get Around the Amalfi Coast Without a Car, Italy

How to Get Around the Amalfi Coast FAQ

Is it easy to get around Amalfi Coast without a car?

The Amalfi Coast is easy to get around without a car. You can save money and skip a car rental. It's best to travel by bus, ferry, or guided tour in the Amalfi Coast depending on your budget and travel style.

What is the best way to get around the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast is best explored by bus, ferry, or tour. There are local buses that connect the many towns, as well as ferries for select routes. These options are cheap and quite reliable.

Can you walk between towns on the Amalfi Coast?

A few of the towns on the Amalfi Coast are within walking distance of each other. For example, you can walk from Amalfi to Atrani to Ravello Castiglione, or Ravello Castiglione to Minori.

These walks are all around 20 minutes at the least. Sometimes sidewalks/pavements are nonexistent, though the walk is possible. Otherwise, plan to get around the towns of the Amalfi Coast by bus, ferry, or guided tour.

Travel Guides For Visiting the Amalfi Coast, Italy

One of Italy's most beloved regions, the Amalfi Coast is located on the southwestern coast of Italy. It's made up of many towns including Ravello, Atrani, Amalfi, Positano, and Sorrento.

Make the most of your trip to the Amalfi Coast with the help of these guides. It's such a gorgeous coastal region in Italy, you won't want to miss anything. Relax on the beach, stroll down cobblestone streets, enjoy lemon gelato, and so much more on the Amalfi Coast.

View of Amalfi and the Sea - How to Get Around the Amalfi Coast

Now you know how to get around the Amalfi Coast without a car, how to use the Amalfi Coast bus system, as well as the ferries! Start packing your bags for an Italian dream vacation. The Amalfi Coast is every bit as dreamy as you think it will be.

Skip a rental car unless you find it necessary, take the buses and ferries for cheap and reliable transportation, or opt for a beautiful walk along the Amalfi Coast. There are many towns to visit in this region of Italy, you'll want to visit as many as possible.

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