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Hi, I'm Georgina! A coffee-loving adventure enthusiast here to share my favorite travel tips with you! My goal is to inspire others to get out and explore this wild planet by camping, hiking, or wandering around a fun new city!

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What to Wear in LA: A Seasonal Guide

Updated: May 7

What to Wear in LA: Seasonal Guide | Alpacka My Bags

Known for its lovely weather year-round, Los Angeles is located on the West Coast of California between the mountains and the ocean. Rain is not common here, nor is very cold or very hot weather.

Generally, the temperature stays between the low 50s to high 80s (°F) in Los Angeles. The coldest months are December and January, and the hottest months are July and August. It is easy to pack for LA once you know when you’re planning to visit.

Depending on your travel style, you might want to pack some extras, like athletic clothing if you enjoy hiking. After living in the city for several years and returning for a fun week-long trip, I’ve put together the ultimate LA packing list to save you time. Keep reading for what to wear in LA depending on the season you visit.

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Weather in Los Angeles

Los Angeles sits on the West Coast in southern California. The city is located between the Pacific Ocean and the San Gabriel Mountains, giving it a Mediterranean climate. There are relatively warm, wet winters, and hot, dry summers in LA.


The temperature in Los Angeles in summer averages between 62° and 85°F with little to no rain from June through August. It can get hotter, but generally, it’s always nice enough to be outside most of the day in summer. Just don’t forget sunblock!


From September through November, the temperatures drop a bit, generally staying between 50° and 80°F. There’s a higher chance of rain in the fall in LA, more so in November, but it likely won’t rain more than 1 or 2 days the whole month.


Even winter is a nice time to visit Los Angeles. It does get colder, but it rarely gets below 50° and it’s mostly sunny as well. There might be a chance of rain, but only a few days max. January is also generally the cheapest month to fly to Los Angeles, which is a nice bonus if you don’t mind the colder weather.


March, April, and May bring lovely spring weather to Los Angeles. It can get up to the mid-70s, the perfect weather if you ask me, making it the best time for those of you who want to spend a lot of time exploring LA’s outdoors. Think hiking, beach walks, Universal Studios, etc.

Streets of Hollywood - What to Wear in Los Angeles
Streets of Hollywood, Los Angeles

The Ultimate LA Packing List

Always check the weather the week before you visit LA to get a better idea of what it might be like while you’re in town. Los Angeles has somewhat unpredictable weather; it can get cooler or warmer easily throughout the day. Normally it’s significantly cooler right by the coast than it is to the east, closer to the mountains.

When are you visiting and how long are you staying in Los Angeles?

The time of year you plan on going to LA will help you determine what to wear. If you visit in winter, don’t forget a warm jacket and an umbrella. If you visit in summer, bring cool clothes and plenty of sunblock!

The longer you stay in LA, the more clothes you might need to bring. But don’t overpack either! You can always wash and re-wear clothes, and mix-and-match outfits. My travel go-to for packing are these compression packing cubes; you can fit so much more into your suitcase with them!

What to wear in LA depending on the season you visit:

Summer Clothes for LA

Summer in Los Angeles is warm and sunny and there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy outside, so dress accordingly. I recommend bringing dresses, tank tops, and light shirts or blouses for a summer trip to LA.

For bottoms, bring shorts, skirts, joggers, and jeans. It's best to have a variety in case the weather changes. It might be very warm one day a cool enough for pants the next. Even in the summer, I suggest packing a cardigan and light jacket, and you'll definitely want a hat and sunglasses.

With lots of walking to do, wear sandals, sneakers, or tennis shoes for a summer trip to LA. It's going to be very warm out, and you want to keep your feet comfortable so you can explore more of this West Coast city! Check out my LA outfit inspiration for summer and shop the pieces below.

Amazon Outfit - What to Wear in Los Angeles in Summer


Fall Clothes for LA

When it comes to what to wear in LA in the fall, think layers, and warmer clothes. For tops, I recommend light sweaters, long sleeves, and a couple of short sleeves for layering. It's best to be able to layer different tops to adjust to the changing temperature throughout the day which is common in Los Angeles.

For bottoms, I suggest bringing long pants like jeans or joggers. You can wear a skirt or a dress, but remember to bring tights; it might be too chilly for bare legs. There's lots of walking to be done in LA, so if you're visiting in the fall, pack sneakers, tennis shoes, or ankle boots.

Don't forget to bring warm outer layers to throw on for dinner or if it gets chillier during the day. My go-to's are a cardigan, jacket, or blazer. In the fall, remember to bring an umbrella or rain jacket too. Check out my fall outfit inspiration for LA below and shop the pieces!

Amazon Outfit: What to Wear in LA Inspiration


Winter Clothes for LA

It gets fairly cold in Los Angeles during the winter, but not freezing. Sweaters, long sleeves, and layers are the best tops to bring. Think shirts to wear under a sweater if it's really chilly, or a warm jacket to throw on top.

Jeans or other long pants are recommended for wintertime. It will be too cold to wear shorts this time of year, but you could wear a dress or skirt if you bring thick tights to keep your legs warm.

For shoes, pack boots, tennis shoes, or sneakers. You won't need snow boots by any means for a winter trip to LA, but ankle boots are a good option, and they're super cute.

And don't forget a thick jacket or coat, and if you run very cold, possibly gloves and a scarf.

Since winter is the rainiest season in LA, make sure you remember to bring an umbrella or rain jacket as well; you could even bring a pair of ankle rain boots. Below is my winter outfit inspiration for Los Angeles.

Amazon Outfit - What to Wear in LA in Winter Inspiration


Spring Clothes for LA

It can still rain occasionally during the spring in Los Angeles, but generally, by this time of year, rain is scarce. The temperatures have started to warm up again, but it's still possible to experience very cool weather.

A mixture of sleeve lengths and layers is best for spring in LA so you can mix and match depending on the day's weather. I recommend packing a pair of pants or joggers, and even a skirt or dress if you feel like it.

Comfortable shoes are a must any time of year; wear sneakers, tennis shoes, or sandals for exploring LA in spring. If you have room in your bag, throw in an umbrella, hat, and sunglasses. Shop my spring outfit inspiration for LA below.

Amazon Outfit - What to Wear in Los Angeles in Spring

Shop the Outfit: cardigan | tank top | shoes | joggers


What to Wear in LA: FAQ

What type of clothes should I wear in Los Angeles?

Always check the weather before you head to Los Angeles. Above are clothing suggestions for each season in LA; make sure you pack according to the season you plan on visiting.

As for style, you can dress up as much as you like in LA. As it is a large city, you will see people wearing all kinds of different styles. If you've been waiting to wear a new piece of clothing, Los Angeles is a great place to try it out! There's no room for fashion judgment in this city.

Other Essentials for Your LA Packing List

As well as clothes, there are some other packing essentials you should bring with you to LA. These are great to pack no matter what time of year you are visiting. Make your trip to Los Angeles the best it can possibly be and remember to pack these items:

Woman Hiking at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles
Hiking at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

There’s no bad time to visit LA weather-wise. It hardly ever reaches below 50°F and above 85°F. If you want to experience the best weather but avoid the busiest time of year, plan your trip in May or October. There is little to no rain this time of year, the temperature averages in the high 60s, and fewer people visit during these months.

Now you know what to wear in LA during every season; it's time to plan your trip and pack accordingly. Remember to bring an umbrella or rain jacket if you visit in the fall or winter. Sunblock is a must if you're planning a summer trip, but it's a good idea to bring it any time of year.

Enjoy the climate of this West Coast city, admire the landscape views, and check off all your LA bucket list activities. This city has so much to offer. This LA packing list will come in handy; you can even save it for later! When are you planning on visiting Los Angeles?

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