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10 Best Rides in Magic Kingdom for Adults

Updated: Feb 1

Best Rides at Magic Kingdom for Adults | Alpacka My Bags Travel Blog

Welcome to the happiest place on Earth! It’s hard not to smile and get giddy when you walk through the gates into Magic Kingdom. This Disney park is famous around the world for its beloved characters, marvelous designs, and of course the rides and attractions.

If you’re going on a Disney World trip, you must plan a day at Magic Kingdom. This is the most popular park as it’s the most iconic, hosting favorites like Cinderella’s castle and Main Street USA, and rides like “It’s a Small World” and “Peter Pan’s Flight.”

While Magic Kingdom doesn’t have wild coasters, there are still several rides you need to add to your list if you’re an adult looking for a thrill. Below I’ll cover the best Magic Kingdom rides for adults, a few essentials you should bring with you, as well as some info about the park.

Make sure you also plan a day at Epcot while you're exploring Disney World!

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Before You Go to Magic Kingdom…

Before you make your way to Magic Kingdom, there are some things you should know so you can make the most of your visit and have a truly magical time. This Disney park is fun for everyone, even adults with or without kids.

My partner and I love going to Disney, and we have a great time even with just the two of us adults. So if you’re looking for the best rides at Magic Kingdom for adults, you’ve come to the right spot! Here’s how to have the most fun at Disney as an adult.

Park Overview

Established: October 1, 1971

Size: 107 acres, 6 main areas

Busy Season: Winter & summer school holidays

Attractions at Magic Kingdom: 22 rides, 16 attractions

Dining Options: 26 restaurants/snack spots

Wait time: Download the My Disney Experience App

10 Best Rides in Magic Kingdom for Adults

Magic Kingdom is the best park to visit in Disney World. While there aren’t any big coasters in this park, there is still plenty for us adults to enjoy, especially if you’re a Disney lover.

Hop on classics like Peter Pan’s Flight and Space Mountain, and get ready for a thrill on the newest Tron Lightcycle/Run. Here are the best rides in Magic Kingdom for adults in order of my rankings.

  1. Space Mountain

  2. Tron Lightcycle/Run

  3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

  4. Jungle Cruise

  5. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

  6. Pirates of the Caribbean

  7. Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

  8. Haunted Mansion

  9. Peter Pan’s Flight

  10. it’s a small world

Magic Kingdom has six main areas, Frontierland, Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Main Street USA, and Liberty Square. Below are the best Magic Kingdom rides for adults separated by park area.


Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Height Requirement: 38’’ (97 cm)

Thrill Level: 3 / 5

Type: Outdoor coaster

Opened in 2014, the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is one of the newest rides in Magic Kingdom. This also makes it a very popular one. When I visited in June, I purchased a single Lightning Lane Pass so I knew for sure I could ride it. While I don’t think this is necessary, you might experience quite a wait for this ride. But it’s so worth it! The individual carts swing, which is extra fun when you’re coasting along the tracks of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Peter Pan’s Flight

Height Requirement: Any height

Thrill Level: 1 / 5

Type: Dark, slow ride

While I personally find this ride nostalgic, how can you not love Peter Pan? This ride is slow, but a classic and one of the best Magic Kingdom rides because of this. Hop on Peter Pan’s Flight and soar over London and into Never Land with Peter Pan in your very own flying pirate galleon.

it’s a small world

Height Requirement: Any height

Thrill Level: 1 / 5

Type: Slow, water ride

You just can’t visit Magic Kingdom without riding it’s a small world, that would be so anti-magical! Enjoy this beloved water ride as you make your way through the countries of the world being serenaded by kids (puppets). It’s a small world usually has a shorter line, which makes it a great ride to hop on when you need to slow down for a minute. Magic Kingdom is a big park to tackle!


Tron Lightcycle / Run

Height Requirement: 48’’ (122 cm)

Thrill Level: 5 / 5

Type: Indoor/outdoor thrill coaster

Hop on the newest ride at Magic Kingdom, Tron Lightcycle / Run! On this ride, you’ll have your own “Lightcylce” so it’s like you’re riding something similar to a bike (but on secure roller coaster tracks). You have to get in a virtual queue on the My Disney Experience app for this coaster. Tron is one of the fastest coasters at any of the Disney parks around the world.

Space Mountain

Height Requirement: 44’’ (112 cm)

Thrill Level: 5 / 5

Type: Dark thrill coaster

A thrill ride in the dark? Count me in! Space Mountain is another classic at Magic Kingdom and one of the few thrill rides at the park. Zoom through “space” on this ride; you never know where the next turn might be!

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

Height Requirement: Any height

Thrill Level: 1 / 5

Type: Slow, game ride

Where are my gaming adults? If you’re a fan of Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear, you’re going to love this ride! Shoot targets with your very own infrared laser cannon, and turn your starship 360-degrees so you can score as many points as possible on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Competitive people, get ready to win!


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Height Requirement: 40’’ (102 cm)

Thrill Level: 4 / 5

Type: Outdoor coaster

Another one of the few “big” coasters in Magic Kingdom, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a must-ride for thrill-loving adults. I will say, it’s not a super fast ride with big drops, but it’s still a lot of fun.


Haunted Mansion

Height Requirement: Any height

Thrill Level: 2 / 5

Type: Slow, dark ride

Ready to get spooked? Haunted Mansion is another one of the best rides at Magic Kingdom for adults because it’s filled with scary scenes and spooky characters. Make your way through the Haunted Mansion and see if you can escape the ghosts. The ride itself is very tame; the thrill comes from the spooky scenery.


Pirates of the Caribbean

Height Requirement: Any height

Thrill Level: 1 / 5

Type: Slow, water ride

Can you escape the pirates? They’re looking for Jack Sparrow who’s stolen all their treasure! Pirates of the Caribbean is a classic; it’s a slow water ride, but the characters and ride design are so intricate it really makes it feel like you’re in the movies. If you enjoy the films, you'll love this ride even more!

Jungle Cruise

Height Requirement: Any height

Thrill Level: 1 / 5

Type: Slow, water ride

Cruise down a river and find animals like zebras and hippos with the help of your comical riverboat skipper on the Jungle Cruise. This ride is especially fun for adults because many of the jokes made by your skipper go right over kids’ heads. So you get to be in on the jokes!

Best Magic Kingdom Rides: FAQ/Tips

What should I bring to Magic Kingdom?

To make the most of your day and to stay comfortable while running around Magic Kingdom there are a few things you should bring with you.

  • Comfortable Shoes: You’ll be on your feet a LOT in Magic Kingdom; it’s a big park. Wear your most comfortable shoes to keep your feet happy. I recommend these sneakers if you’re in the market for new shoes.

  • Backpack: Keep all your essentials for Magic Kingdom in a small backpack. It’s the easiest bag to carry. Don’t overpack though, or your back will not be thrilled about carrying a heavy backpack all day.

  • Water Bottle: Save money and bring a reusable water bottle to Magic Kingdom. You won’t have to spend a fortune on water every time you’re thirsty, and this water bottle will keep your water nice and cold all day.

  • Sunscreen: You’ll be outside most of the day at Magic Kingdom. Protect your skin, especially in the summer, and bring a travel bottle of sunscreen with you. Apply some before you enter the park, but have it on you in case you need more.

  • Small Snacks: There’s so much amazing food to try at Magic Kingdom, but it’s a good idea to have a few snacks on hand for those long waits in line or if you want to minimize spending money on food. I recommend snacks like granola bars or pretzels.

How many rides can you do in one day at Magic Kingdom?

If you start your day at Magic Kingdom as soon as it opens, you should be able to hit 9 to 12 rides or attractions. It’s best to go to the most popular rides first, like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train and Tron, as their lines generally get longer as the day goes on.

Download the My Disney Experience app so you can track wait times, utilize the Lightning Lane passes if you wish to, and use the map to find your way. If you keep an eye on wait times, you might find a great opportunity to hop on a popular ride with a short wait!

Which Disney park is best for one day?

If you only have one day to spend at Disney, head to Magic Kingdom for the ultimate Disney experience. This is the most iconic park with classics like Peter Pan’s Flight and Cinderella’s castle. If you’re a Disney fan, you’re bound to have a magical day at Magic Kingdom.

Have more time? Check out the best rides at Epcot too!

What is the least crowded day at Magic Kingdom?

To avoid the biggest crowds, plan your visit to Magic Kingdom on a weekday. Generally the least crowded days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You’ll run into the biggest crowds if you go on Friday through Monday.

Magic Kingdom is truly a magical place. You can escape reality while exploring realistic recreations of beloved movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Peter Pan, and Cinderella. Disney is always updating and adding new attractions to their parks, but these are the best rides at Magic Kingdom for adults.

If you’re an adult who wants to enjoy the happiest place on earth, especially without kids, these are the best Magic Kingdom rides for you! As an adult, I highly recommend you try your best to hit all of these rides.

Now you know what to bring, when to visit to avoid the biggest crowds, and what the best rides at Magic Kingdom for adults are! It’s time to head to Disney and have a magical time while enjoying some of your favorite parts of childhood.

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