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US Travel guides for Food & nature lovers.

I'm here to inspire you to plan your next adventure. With a focus on foodie and adventure US travel guides, I'll help you plan your next epic trip! From hiking and camping to exploring a new US city or jetting off to another country. I'm here to help you plan epic trips!

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I'm Georgina!

Lover of all things travel and adventure. My mission is to help you stay adventurous and become the traveler you dream of being! Whether that's rooftop tent camping, looking for in-depth US travel guides to amazing cities, or finding the best places to hike. I believe there is so much to learn from traveling the world, and that's why I'm here to help you plan your next dream trip. Stay adventurous with Alpacka My Bags!

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Alpacka My Bags

Planning a trip can be very overwhelming, especially if you're new to the game. I started Alpacka My Bags to share my travels with others so we can learn how to explore this wild world together. 

Browse the best travel destinations in the United States, from bustling cities to peaceful national parks. Catch a flight to Italy and admire ancient cities like Rome or beautiful beaches. 

Maybe you're looking for more adventure? Plan an epic camping trip with my guides and recommendations. Try a new sport like skiing or mountain biking.

Whatever your adventure style is, these travel guides and recommendations will help you plan the best trip to some epic destinations! And don't forget to visit the best coffee shops wherever you are; we have the best coffee recommendations too.

Latest on the Blog

Want to travel the world? Not sure how to start traveling? Check out some of my latest and greatest travel tips and guides, adventure ideas, and hiking recommendations. They're all you need to prepare for your future adventures. Time to pack your bags!

One of our favorite parts of exploring a new city is finding the best coffee shops! If you're a fellow coffee or tea lover, take a look at some of our top coffee shop recommendations below.

From the best coffee in Salt Lake City to Charleston coffee shops and more. Cozy, local coffee shops are an essential part of this travel community.


Travel Resources

Planning a vacation can be time-consuming and a little overwhelming. To help smooth this process for you, we've compiled our favorite travel planning resources.

From finding the best flights and hotels to the essentials you need to make the most of your trip, check out the Alpacka My Bags travel resources page.

Colosseum from the outside in Rome, Italy

Travel Destinations

Browse our travel guides and itineraries by destination. Have a place in mind? Take a look at our location specific guides below.

Read our guest blog on Curiosity2Create to learn how travel actually helps us stay more creative!

How Alpacka My Bags Started

I'm Georgina!  I love finding new adventures and exploring new places, so I created Alpacka My Bags as a space to share my travel tips and adventure finds with others to enjoy. There is so much to explore on this planet, from camping to hiking to wandering around new cities. Join me, and often my partner, on new adventures and see for yourself what wild and amazing things are out there! P.s. I'm obsessed with alpacas.

"I'll pack my bags!"...Alpacka My Bags!

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Let Us Help You Plan Your Next Trip!

Travel Resources

Find the best camping, hiking, and travel apps for all your navigational and planning needs 

Camping Guides

Our in-depth camping guides are filled with gear reviews, dog safe travel, and hiking recommendations

U.S. Travel

The best places to visit in USA for couples. Plan an adventure getaway for you and your partner in the US

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