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adventure trips for couples

Our mission is to help you stay adventurous! Whether that's rooftop tent camping, looking for in-depth travel guides, or finding the best places to hike! We believe there is so much to learn from traveling the world, so we're here to help you plan your next dream trip. Stay adventurous with Alpacka My Bags!

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Want to travel the world? Not sure how to start traveling? Check out some of our latest and greatest trips filled with all the best travel tips, travel guides, and trip recommendations you could possibly need to prepare for your future adventures. Time to pack your bags!

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How Alpacka My Bags Started

The two of us have been planning trips together for over 2 years now. Finding new adventures and sharing them with you, so you too can enjoy them, is our passion. We must keep exploring this amazing planet and see what all this world has to offer. Join us on new adventures and see for yourself what wild and amazing things are out there! Trust us, you will NOT be disappointed by booking that plane ticket or going on that road trip. This is your sign to travel!

adventure trips for couples

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Our in-depth camping guides are filled with gear reviews, dog safe travel, and hiking recommendations

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The best places to visit in USA for couples. Plan an adventure getaway for you and your partner in the US