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Hi, I'm Georgina! A coffee-loving adventure enthusiast here to share my favorite travel tips with you! My goal is to inspire others to get out and explore this wild planet by camping, hiking, or wandering around a fun new city!

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15 Best Things to Do in Pisa: Free & Paid

Updated: May 9

Free Things to do in Pisa | Alpacka My Bags - Pisa Italy

While you simply cannot visit Pisa without climbing the Leaning Tower, there are many other things to do and see while exploring this part of Tuscany, Italy. There’s a lot to check off your list here, and the best part? There are plenty of free things to do in Pisa!

The great thing about Pisa is it's not overflowing with tourists. I found this Italian city to be much quieter than others. So you should add it to your Italy travel plans! Pisa is filled with history, iconic monuments, delicious food, and breathtaking views.

If you’re visiting Pisa, Italy on a budget, make sure you visit all of these places. If you have an entire day or two here, check out the complete 1-day Pisa itinerary. Now for the good stuff…the best things to do in Pisa!

Table of Contents:

15 Best Things to do in Pisa, Italy

  1. Piazza del Duomo

  2. Tuttomondo

  3. Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

  4. Arno River

  5. Baths of Nero

  6. Leaning Tower of Pisa

  7. Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno

  8. Torre Guelfa

  9. Giardino Scotto

  10. Forteza Nuova

  11. Piazza dei Cavalieri

  12. Cathedral of Pisa

  13. Camposanto

  14. Pisa Botanical Garden and Museum

  15. Palazzo Blu

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11 Free Things to Do in Pisa

Piazza del Duomo

The top recommendation for a free place to visit in Pisa is the Piazza del Duomo. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is located here, and it is worth admiring, even if only from the outside! Piazza del Duomo is also home to the Cathedral of Pisa, which is free to get into! You do, however, have to pick up a ticket for a time slot, but there is no charge. Just head over to the ticket office and they’ll set you up.


Are you a fan of murals and street art? Check out the large, colorful mural “Tuttomondo." Meaning “one world,” "Tuttomondo" was designed to symbolize the peace between people and the hopefulness of living together in harmony. This is a beautiful work of art, created by the late Keith Haring, worth checking out while exploring Pisa, Italy.

Tuttomondo Mural in Pisa - Things to do in Pisa Italy
Tuttomondo Mural

Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

Located in the center of Pisa, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II is surrounded by shops and restaurants loved by many. We enjoyed admiring the Vittorio Emanuele II Monument and window shopping in nearby shops. There are all kinds of shops here from clothing to home decor to electronics. It’s a fun area to walk around and grab a cappuccino or gelato in.

Arno River

You can’t visit Pisa without taking a stroll along the Arno River. There are several spots known for their picture-perfect views of houses along the river. You can see a lot of Pisa just by walking along the river and soaking in the charm of the colorful Tuscan architecture.

Walking by the Arno River in Pisa Italy
Walking by the Arno River

Baths of Nero

Surrounded by bustling streets, the Baths of Nero are easy to stumble upon when wandering around Pisa. Believed to be an ancient bathhouse, these small ancient ruins are worth stopping by if you appreciate history. We stopped by the Baths of Nero on our way to the Leaning Tower, as they are only about a 5-minute walk away.

Cathedral of Pisa

The iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa is located in Piazza del Duomo along with other beautiful buildings like the Camposanto and the Cathedral of Pisa. While you must pay to go inside the Leaning Tower of Pisa, it's free to walk around Piazza del Duomo and admire these monuments from the ground. And it's worth a stroll; this is a beautiful part of Pisa!

Leaning Tower of Pisa - Best Things to Do in Pisa

Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno

An 11th-century Romanesque Catholic Church, Chiesa Parrocchiale di San Paolo a Ripa d’Arno is a beautiful site, especially for architecture lovers. This church was the original Cathedral of Pisa and is beautiful inside and out.

The great thing about cathedrals in Italy? They’re free for anyone to admire, they’re breathtakingly beautiful and extremely detailed, and they are wonderful for everyone to visit, no matter your religious beliefs.

Torre Guelfa

These ancient ruins are a site to see, a free site to see, located right next to the Arno River. Besides having a rich historical background, the Torre Guelfa also offers amazing views of the river and the city of Pisa. You can tack this onto your stroll along the Arno River if you like; it's about a 15-minute walk from the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Torre Guelfa Pisa Italy next to the Arno River - Free Things to do in Italy
Torre Guelfa

Giardino Scotto

This park is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the nature of Pisa. Giardino Scotto is a city park, but it is well-kept and houses a very pretty array of flowers and plants. This is a great place to go for a walk in the evening and enjoy the view of the Arno River lighting up at night.

Forteza Nuova

Located right next to Giardino Scotto, Forteza Nuova is an ancient fortress. Created by the Florentines in 1468 after the first conquest of Pisa, this fortress is another great historical site to see for FREE, and a great site to tack onto your Arno River stroll as well!

Piazza dei Cavalieri

This is a large square that’s surrounded by many beautiful buildings and houses. It was originally the political center of Republican Pisa but was transformed into a military base by Cosimo I de 'Medici, the first Grand Duke of Tuscany, whose statue also lives here.

Pisa Architecture, Tuscany Italy House - Things to do in Pisa

4 Best Paid Things to Do in Pisa

While the above free activities are all worth doing, there are a few things to do in Pisa that do cost money but I highly recommend them. For one, you cannot visit Pisa without climbing its famous Leaning Tower. That is if you're not afraid of heights!

Climb the Leaning Tower of Pisa

I mentioned above how you can admire the Leaning Tower, Cathedral, and more in the Piazza del Duomo for free. But if you're willing to spend some money, splurge to buy tickets for the Leaning Tower of Pisa. You can also get admission into the Camposanto, Bapistrey, and museums.


If you're going to visit the Leaning Tower of Pisa, make sure you add the Camposanto to your itinerary. This incredible building is a cemetery located in the Piazza del Duomo. As you make your way clockwise around the building, you'll see the huge courtyard in the middle and biblical frescoes from the 1300s on the walls. Even if you're not religious, it's a sight to see.

Inside the Camposanto - Things to Do in Pisa

Pisa Botanical Garden and Museum

If you enjoy nature, peaceful gardens, or going for a stroll, the best place for you to go in Pisa is the botanical garden and museum. It's not expensive (under $10 at the time of post), but it's a gorgeous area to explore at your own pace. There are several different sections, like a bamboo forest and a succulent greenhouse, and you'll get access to them all with your ticket.

Lilies at the Pisa Botanical Garden

Palazzo Blu

There's no shortage of museums in Pisa, but one of the best to visit is Palazzo Blu. This art museum is located in a restored medieval blue building, hence the name. This is not an expensive activity either, but worth the few extra bucks if you're an art lover. There's so much art to admire in Italy!

Where to Stay in Pisa

There are many nice neighborhoods to stay in Pisa, but if you're only visiting for a short time, it's best to be near the main sights like the Leaning Tower. The best option is to find a guesthouse or Airbnb in the Santa Maria area. Below are my recommendations of where to stay in Pisa.

View of Pisa from the top of the Leaning Tower

How to Get Around Pisa

One of the best things about visiting Pisa is how easy it is to get around. Because it's quite a small city, Pisa is very walkable. You won't spend much money on transportation here because you can walk everywhere. If you want to go out of the city, I recommend using the train.

Where to Eat in Pisa

There is no shortage of amazing restaurants and cafes in Pisa, but I've rounded up my favorites. You won't want to miss these amazing places when dining out in Pisa!

  • I Porci Comodi (traditional Pisan sandwiches)

  • Filter Coffee Lab (cozy coffee shop)

  • Gelateria De' Coltelli (best gelato in the summer)

  • Sugo e Camicia (elegant Italian)

Aperol Spritz - Best Things to Do in Pisa
Don't forget an Aperol Spritz!

What to Do in Pisa, Italy

While there is plenty more to see and do, these are all great things to do in Pisa for free! You can easily visit Pisa on a budget and experience the magical charm of this Tuscan city without spending a penny.

But if you're willing to splurge a little, the paid things to do in Pisa are all worth it too! You can't go wrong in this Tuscan city; there's beauty and fun to be had on every street. Even strolling aimlessly around town is a nice activity.

I hope you fall in love with Pisa as much as I did. Which of these free places in Pisa do you plan on visiting? Which have you already visited? Drop a comment below and see where others have been!

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Where are you going next in Italy...

Best Things to do in Pisa | Alpacka My Bags - Pinterest Cover


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