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Where to Stay in Cinque Terre: Best Towns & Accommodations

Updated: Mar 28

Where to Stay in Cinque Terre - Alpacka My Bags Travel Blog

Cinque Terre, Italy is an idyllic region located on the northwestern coast of Italy. It is well known for its seafood, colorful houses, picturesque views, and hiking trails.

Made up of five old fishing villages, Manarola, Riomaggiore, Vernazza, Corniglia, and Monterosso, Cinque Terre is a popular destination for Italy travelers.

With five beautiful towns to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to stay in Cinque Terre. So I'm here to help! After my visit to this charming Italian coastal region, I wanted to share with others the best places to stay so you too can enjoy your visit to the max.

Many people visit Cinque Terre for the day, as it's small enough to explore all five towns by train in one day. However, you can easily spend more time here and still have plenty to do. I spent three days here and had a blast. I felt like I was able to see everything I wanted to, yet never got bored.

My biggest tip for planning a vacation to Cinque Terre is to book accommodation well in advance! The villages are small but popular, so places fill up quickly. Check out the best places to stay in Cinque Terre, Italy below!

In this article...

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Planning Your Visit to Cinque Terre

Before you go to Cinque Terre, there are some things you should know so you can make the most of your time exploring this quaint coastal region in Italy. Check out my Cinque Terre travel guides below!

While you're visiting Italy, get around easily by train. Take a look at my guide to traveling by train in Italy so you can see more of this beautiful country.

Best Town to Stay in Cinque Terre

While any of the towns are great to stay in while visiting Cinque Terre, it depends on what you're looking for. Overall, I recommend staying in Manarola as it is centrally located.

Manarola is also one of the bigger towns so there are plenty of dining options, and you clearly can't go wrong with the breathtaking views of the Manarola coast.

The best town to stay in Cinque Terre depends on your travel style. Here are my overviews of why you should stay in each town of Cinque Terre.

  • Riomaggiore: Being the southernmost town, Riomaggiore is closer to La Spezia and Pisa which is convenient if you're going to be traveling south. It's also one of the two quietest towns; this might be very important, especially if you're traveling with family.

  • Manarola: This is my overall pick for the best town to stay in Cinque Terre. I stayed here for three nights and loved it. Maybe that makes me a little biased, but I recommend staying in Manarola; it's a little bigger and busier which is fun if you like trying lots of restaurants.

  • Corniglia: The quietest town of Cinque Terre is Corniglia. However, this town does require a long stair climb to get to from the train station. This can be a downside if you're traveling with kids or older people. But if you're up for the trek, Corniglia will give you the most local feel out of all the towns of Cinque Terre.

  • Vernazza: Slightly busier than Manarola, Vernazza is a good town to stay in if you want lots of dining and shopping options. It's further north, which is great if you're traveling that direction after your stay in Cinque Terre.

  • Monterosso al Mare: The largest of all the towns of Cinque Terre is Monterosso. This town is split into two parts, Old Town and New Town. Being the biggest town, it's also the busiest; however, this also means there are many more accommodation options here.

Where to Stay in Cinque Terre, Italy

Keep reading for the best places to stay in Cinque Terre. There are mostly Airbnbs and guesthouse-style accommodations available here.

If you want to stay in a larger hotel, you can look at larger nearby towns like La Spezia. However, I highly recommend booking one of these places so you can fully enjoy the idyllic towns of Cinque Terre.

Where to Stay in Riomaggiore

Riomaggiore is the southernmost town of Cinque Terre, Italy. While exploring all five villages, I found Riomaggiore to be one of the quieter towns, but it still had plenty of shops, restaurants, and breathtaking views of the coast.

Riomaggiore is great for any travelers looking for a more relaxed stay in Cinque Terre.

Available for booking on Airbnb, the Pomegranate Apartment is a great place to stay in Riomaggiore. You can sleep up to 4 people here. It has a balcony with a sea view, a kitchen, and incredibly helpful hosts.

If you want to stay in Riomaggiore, Italy, soak in the beautiful views, and receive local recommendations from the hosts, then this is the place for you.

  • Located in Riomaggiore

  • Sleeps up to 4 people

  • Balcony with sea view

Where to Stay in Manarola

Manarola is known for picturesque views, sweet wine, and everything pesto. If you’re traveling as a couple, family, or single traveler, Manarola is a great place for you.

It's busier than, say, Corniglia, but not nearly as busy as Monterosso. There is plenty to see and do in Manarola, and there are many great restaurants and cute cafes.


This is a charming place to stay in Cinque Terre. The Penthouse has incredible views of the town below, the mountainside vineyards, and the Ligurian Sea.

It is farther away from the main part of Manarola, but the views, the balcony, and the price makes up for the distance. This serene Airbnb is the perfect place to stay and relax while visiting Cinque Terre.

  • Great budget option

  • Sea and mountain views

  • Sleeps up to 3

Where to Stay in Corniglia

Located farther up the mountains, Corniglia is the quietest of all five villages of Cinque Terre, Italy. If you’re looking for somewhere quiet to stay, then Corniglia is a great place for you.

It's a decent walk upstairs from the train station, but once you’re in the town, it’s much flatter. Corniglia has the most authentic local feel to it. Many shops are small and the owners don't speak much English, and there are much fewer tourists here.


This Airbnb is a great option if you’re traveling as a family of up to 6 people. Terrace by the Sea has 1 double bed, 3 single beds, and 1 sofa bed.

It also has a patio with a panoramic view of the Ligurian Sea, and you'll have access to the garden which is full of beautiful flowers to admire and walk through.

  • Large patio with sea views

  • Sleeps up to 6 people

  • Garden access

Where to Stay in Vernazza

Vernazza is home to the only natural harbor in Cinque Terre, making it a seafood lover's heaven. If you want to eat your bodyweight’s worth of seafood then Vernazza is definitely for you.

You can walk out to the end of the harbor in Vernazza and admire the beautiful scene of brightly colored houses dotting the coast.


This is a great place to stay for the location and the price. Angilina's Apartment is quite small, but it has everything you need, from coffee supplies to wifi.

It is located on the main street of Vernazza very close to the shore making it a great place for couples who want to enjoy the busy streets of Cinque Terre and hop in the ocean for a swim.

  • Close to the train station in Vernazza

  • Great for couples

  • Nice budget option

Best Place to Stay in Monterosso, Cinque Terre

Monterosso is the biggest and busiest town of Cinque Terre, Italy as it’s made up of Old Town and New Town. There are many shops and restaurants in Monterosso, as well as the biggest beaches of the Cinque Terre region.

There are umbrellas and chairs you can rent for the day making Monterosso a great place for those wanting to enjoy the beach and make the most of their time by the sea.


Bellambra is a modernized, 14th-century building just steps away from Monterosso Old Town Beach. The hosts are incredibly friendly and helpful, and they truly want you to have the best time during your stay.

Breakfast is available for a very good price, but Bellambra is also very close to many restaurants and cafes. Guests rave about how clean the rooms are here, as well as how they are designed. This is a very aesthetically pleasing hotel; they take pride in how the rooms appear.

  • 14th-century building, modernized hotel

  • Close to the beach in Monterosso

  • Friendly hotel staff

Where to Stay in Cinque Terre FAQ

Where is the best base to stay in Cinque Terre?

All five towns of Cinque Terre are great to stay in for different reasons, but overall, the best base to stay in is Manarola.

It's bigger than some towns so there's plenty of dining and shopping options. But it's not the biggest town, so it's not the most crowded. Manarola is centrally located and offers the most iconic views.

Is 3 days in Cinque Terre too much?

Staying 2 to 3 days in Cinque Terre is perfect. Many people only visit on a day trip, which is fine if that's all you have time for. But if you can, stay longer to truly explore the towns of Cinque Terre.

The train makes it easy to get between all the towns. Most visitors will arrive by 10 am and leave by 6 pm, so if you're staying in Cinque Terre, you'll get to take advantage of the quiet mornings and evenings.

If you have 3 days to spend in Cinque Terre, you can also use one day to visit nearby towns and explore more of this part of Italy.

Is Cinque Terre or Amalfi Coast better?

Both Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast are worth visiting. But the best depends on what you're looking for. Cinque Terre is smaller and close together while the Amalfi Coast is bigger and more spread out. The Amalfi Coast has bigger beaches, and Cinque Terre has a more relaxed, local feel.

Visit Cinque Terre For...

  • Quieter, small town vibes

  • More authentic, local finds like restaurants

  • Shorter stay - you can see all towns in 2 days

Visit Amalfi Coast For...

  • Bigger beaches

  • More to do - many surrounding towns

  • Busier, big town vibes

View of Houses on the Coast in Manarola, Cinque Terre
Manarola - Best Town to Stay in Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italy is well worth adding to your travel list, and if you’re already planning a trip here, I hope you find the best place to stay in Cinque Terre now you’ve read these recommendations.

From what town to stay in Cinque Terre to hotel and Airbnb recommendations and travel planning tips, now you can make the most of your visit. There's so much to explore and enjoy in Cinque Terre, you'll arrive wanting to plan a return trip!

Keep in mind that Cinque Terre, Italy is fairly small. With each town being an old fishing village, accommodations will fill up quickly.

If you’re planning a trip here, book your stay well in advance. This will also save you money, as many Airbnbs and hotels charge extra for last-minute bookings.

Now you know where to stay in Cinque Terre, I hope you have the time of your life while staying in a charming seaside village on the Italian coast. Cinque Terre, Italy is like no other place, and I'm so excited for you to experience it for yourself!

Ciao! Buon viaggio!

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